Cloud Storage: How It Works and Why Your Business Needs It

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In the past, it was projected that cloud-based storage would gain prominence and make itself an essential and valuable tool for large and small businesses. Though many business owners were skeptical about this, those who have invested in it reaped plenty of benefits. On the other hand, those who still relied on the physical servers were left vulnerable to threats of hacking and system failure.

If you are a business owner and you still have not invested in cloud storage, this year is the best time to start shifting to cloud-based storage. Forget what you heard about it and know everything you need to know about it here.

What is the truth behind cloud-based storage?

Get rid of all the misconceptions and give way for key decision-makers and business owners to understand how cloud-based storage works. Alongside this information, it is also essential that the limitations of such a storage system be revealed. To recap, Apple previously announced that they finally found the answer to the cloud needs of its consumers. What was left out of the equation, however, was the explanation of how cloud-based systems work.

Cloud storage is defined as the cloud computing model wherein the data stored on different remote servers are accessed through the internet or via “cloud.” Apart from that, the stored data is also managed, operated, and maintained by a cloud storage service provider. This service provider is responsible for overseeing everything in the cloud.

In a study conducted by Allied Market Research, it was revealed that by this year, they expect that the cloud services market will bag more than $555 million profit from cloud services. This projection is based on a steady 17% increase in sales from 2014 to early 2020. This statistic alone proves how businesses are shifting towards cloud-based services.

The popularity of cloud-based storage

Many people and business entities are surprised by the increasing popularity of cloud storage. Some cannot even believe the benefits users reap. Skeptics think that these are just mere marketing gimmicks from tech firms looking to profit on the next technological breakthrough. The truth of the matter is these benefits are real. Cloud-based storage is enormously important and can benefit business owners and personal users.

Why does your business need it?

If you are not concerned about keeping up with the demands of the market, then you can disregard this system. If you are not alarmed about exposing your business to digital risks, then you can stop thinking about cloud-based systems. However, if you are keen on using this system, here are a couple of benefits.

No need to spend on IT infrastructure

If your business is still relying on servers, chances are, you spend too much on the installation and maintenance of these servers. Despite the claims of manufacturers that their servers are fail-proof, you know that somewhere, something will go wrong. If you shift to a cloud-based storage system, you eliminate the need to install and maintain these costly servers.

And instead of spending too much on your IT department, you can allocate your budget to other more pressing operational needs. You can also avoid hiring new people every time you add new servers, software, or technology.

Reduce footprint and save on company utilities

Another advantage you get when you invest in cloud-based storage is helping build an eco-friendly company. While being environment-friendly, you can also save on your monthly and annual utilities. With more cloud-based virtual alternatives and lesser physical storage servers, you save your company and the earth.

Disaster Prevention

Only a few companies can survive a fatal data loss. To prevent danger and financial losses that might come with data loss, invest in cloud storage. With cloud-based alternatives, you keep your valuable and classified data safe from natural disasters, employee mistakes, and server failures.


Though many people and businesses remained skeptical about the advantages and financial savings from investing in cloud-based systems, the results can speak for itself. The secured data, tremendous savings, and streamlined business processes all agree that cloud-based storage has a prominent spot in the future of businesses.


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