Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

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Once an individual takes the initiative to scroll through either Facebook or Instagram feed, they realize that everything is all about videos. Moreover, there is a higher probability that your ample time is spent watching these videos, rather than reading through written content.

The truth is, a lot of people rather watch online videos than watch TV. As a business person, this is the time to take this lifetime opportunity to make a shift to having video marketing. There are many reasons why explainer videos are the in-thing marketing tools for a growing business. This post gives some of the benefits that come with employing videos as the key marketing strategy to a booming business.

  1. It increases conversion rate

There is a higher percentage that more than 80% of the people who buy products do so after watching the business’ explainer video. The good part of these videos is because they keep tally on the number of people who visit your site. This shows that one can keep track of the products that could have more potential customers as it displays the views on each explainer video.

  1. Videos clarify the objective of your business’ product

When you write text in regards to a particular product or service, it may turn out tricky as everyone has the autonomy to interpret in ways that suit them best. Fortunately, the explainer videos rule out the guesswork by explaining the importance and functions of the said products or services.

It is also proven that people gain much understanding when they see and hear. As a result, one gets an opportunity to connect better with their potential customers. This is because you get a chance to tell them why they need to choose you over the other competitors.

  1. It increases web traffic

A lot of videos have gone ‘viral’ from YouTube.  Going viral means that a video pops unexpectedly, and it gains massive viewers within a minimal time. Unfortunately, there is no written method on how your video could go viral.

When making explainer videos, ensure that you remain authentic and simple. Although you might not attract the whole world, you will gain popularity among a good number of people. As long as you stay truthful to your viewers, your web will attract a lot of traffic. You can also check metrics on tools like if you want to measure your traffic attraction efforts.

  1. Videos ensure that your audience retain the information

Wharton Research Center conducted research and concluded that generally, an average person retains 10% of what they hear. However, they can maintain up to 50% of what they see.

This means that a business should concentrate on their word-of-mouth advertising as it will attract a lot of customers to their line. In many cases, if your viewers like what you say, they will share your video and thus increase more traffic.

  1. It adds personality to one’s brand

One of the reasons why business people get return customers is because of their personality. This is because they get a chance to put the face of your products on your name. The same thing also happens when one has direct contact with their customers; they see one and tend to create a virtual connection.

Videos have a perfect way of creating trust and building emotional contact with the viewers.

  1. Rank higher in search engines

The first search engine is Google, whereas YouTube takes the second position. This means that adding an explainer video to your website increases the search ranking on search engines.

When you write content, ensure you attach a video to it. The video is worth the effort as many people never go past the first page of search engines.

  1. Videos appeal to mobile users

We can all agree that 90% of your consumers use mobile phones to find your products. Moreover, videos go hand in hand with mobiles. This is because people like to watch videos while on the go, and phones give them this comfort.

The number of smartphone users is also growing. As a result, you should take advantage of this to ensure your video audience keeps growing daily.

Video advertising is becoming more widespread. Moreover, improved technology ensures easier to spread globally. Everyone should, therefore, take advantage of video marketing as all you need is creativity and knowledge of dealing with human psychology.


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