50 Creative Ways To Build SEO Backlinks

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50 Creative Ways To Build SEO Backlinks – Below, you will find quality ways to build your website backlinks in 50 various styles. Kindly read each step with understanding.

1) Make lists
People love to link to lists like the top 10 movies, 50 ways to increase productivity, etc. This is especially so if they are on the list. Other examples include 50 most important people online, 100 best movie quotes or 50 ways to build backlinks, etc. Lists like these get Dugg all the time and often become authority documents.

2) Hire a publicist
Approach a good public relations firm and get them to write interesting and useful content to publicize your website. Articulate to the PR firm to help you build permanent links and not cheap material that disappears after a month.

3) Engage a consultant
Outsource your link building to a good SEO firm that provides low-risk high-quality links or train under a link building coach to learn how to build your backlinks effectively.

4) Use Diigo
Diigo is an online bookmarking service that provides a browser add-on for more convenience. As a website owner, you can highlight portions of your web pages that you think will be of particular interest to potential visitors and bookmark it.

You can also attach sticky notes to specific parts of your web pages. This information ” highlighted paragraphs, sticky notes, and the original URL ” are saved on Diigo servers, where you can easily search, access, sort and share this collection from any PC or even iPhone.

5) Perform studies and present statistics in a graph
Perform studies that offer interest insights to a particular topic and create a diagram to present your findings. People often share studies like these hence will build many backlinks for you.

6) Becoming the authority and make it easy to link you
Minimize grammatical, spelling errors and make your content easy to understand so many people can understand and spread your message. Increase your sites credibility by not only having an easily accessible privacy policy and about sections, but also include a picture of yourself to help build your authority.

7) Social bookmarking using Delicious
Delicious is a bookmarking service site that is trusted, respected and of high “trust and authority. The real power to using Delicious isn’t with bookmarking sites and URLs of interest to you. The real and widely untapped potential for using Delicious for link building comes from tagging URLs of interest to you, not bookmarking.

8) Scam exposition
Writing posts that expose a scam or a scammer works all the time because the controversial content is very viral and will be a link magnet! However, do take note that you need to have solid proof to expose someone.

9) Using PPC as a link building tool
PPC is paid advertising where you buy relevant traffic with a pay per click campaign. Relevant traffic will get your site more visitors and brand exposure. When people come to your site, regardless of the channel in which they found it, there is a possibility that they will link to you.

10) Use quizzes and tests
Quizzes or tests go viral very quickly hence build backlinks very rapidly as people like to share or show off the results they got from a particular exam or test. Mark completed the quiz Are You Awesome? with the result AWESOME!. Sounds familiar? Yep, Facebook! And its popping every minute! Why do you think the IQ test industry is so big?

11) Article submission and syndication
Write an article and submit it to selected article directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare, etc. Do remember to include anchor text linking to your website to build backlinks to your website. After submission, syndicate your article.

This option should be available in good article directories as mentioned above. The great thing about good article sites is that their article pages rank highly and send highly qualified traffic.

12) Press release
Write a good, compelling and newsworthy press release about your website and syndicate it. If you have the contacts, email it to some handpicked journalists and bloggers by personalizing the email message.

13) Exchange articles with other webmasters
After writing an exciting and newsworthy article, email a few webmaster friends asking them for their feedback and if they would mind referencing it on their website if they find your information useful.

14) Cover developments to the hottest current news

Write about, and link to, companies with in the news pages. They relate to stories and blog posts which cover their developments. This is easiest if you have a news section or blog. Do a Google search for [your industry + “in the news”].

15) Online directory submissions
Submit your site to DMOZ and other directories that allow free submissions. There are also paid directories for you to submit your website. Some paid directories give more link juice to your site. Remember, quality matters.

16) Your directory
Create your topical list about your field of interest. Link to your site and deep-link to important content where possible. To attract links automatically, make your directory a handy resource.

17) Meme Trackers
Look at meme trackers to see what ideas are spreading. If you write about favorite spreading ideas with plenty of original content (and link to some of the unique resources), your site may get listed as a source on the meme tracker site.

18) Contribute content on Squidoo
Contribute valuable content on midget blogs such as Squidoo. Squidoo has a user-friendly interface where content providers can drag and drop modules. You can get some excellent backlinks and a chance to get some quality traffic too.

19) Hubpages
Another place to build backlinks is to write a good quality article and post it on Hubpages. However, do note that you might need to have excellent material for the moderators at Hubpages to do-follow your links because they look at your article first and they will decide if its worth do-following your links.

20) Giveaway your documents
Submit your content or articles as documents on document submission sites and get away with a link. You can also submit a free report you already have, no duplicate content issue. Here is a list of document submission sites:

21) Guest blogging
Guest blogging involves you writing a guest post on another bloggers website. You can use this service,
Hidden Content:
You must reply to see links to reach a new audience, build your brand, network, build relationships with your site, etc through guest blogging.

22) Using videos
Creating videos is another easy way to get a backlink. For the camera-shy, you can always make use of Camtasia or powerpoint to create professional videos. Here are some video submission sites you can use: Dailymotion  Upload your video and get a link in the profile page. Videojug  Upload how-to videos. Viddler  You get a link on EACH video you submit!

23) Online classifieds
Craigslist is one such cheap or free classifieds service online where you can submit your link depending on your category and offer.

24) RSS feed
If you publish an RSS feed and your content is useful and regularly updated, some people will syndicate your RSS content (and some of those will provide links; unfortunately, some will not).

25) Forum postings
Most forums allow members to leave signature links or personal profile links. If you make quality contributions, some people will follow these links and potentially read your site, link at your site, and buy your products.

26) Make use of torrents
This is a similar idea to submitting your report or articles, but this time you give them away via Torrent. You get a link on the torrent search engines description area. One example of a torrent site is Fenopy.

27) Petition
Create a petition related to your niche and introduce yourself with a link to your blog. Here are some petition sites you can use to make your petition:

28) Yahoo! Answers
Ask or answer questions on Yahoo! Answers and provide links to relevant resources, that would mean your website links.

29) Utilizing Google groups
In a group or community, people like to share and learn from each other. Ask or answer questions on Google Groups related to your niche and provide links to relevant resources, which can be backlinks to your website.

30) Backlinks at Wikipedia
If you run a fairly reputable company, create a page about it in the Wikipedia or wikis. If it is hard to list your site directly, try to add links to other pages that link to your site.

31) Write testimonials for others
Write a great memento for a product or service that you used. This can get you a link from a very authoritative site and has a big chance to drive you loads of traffic.

32)Blog commenting
Commenting on other blogs may not provide much direct search engine value. However, if your comments are useful, insightful, and relevant, they can drive direct traffic to your site. They also help make other bloggers aware of you, and they may start reading your blog and linking to it.

33) Link trading
Swap some links with relevant partners on a small scale. When swapping links, try to get links from within the content of appropriate content pages. Do not try to get links from pages that list hundreds of off topic link partners.

Only seek link exchanges that you would consider pursuing even if search engines did not exist. Instead of thinking just about your topic when exchanging links, think about demographic audience sets. Stay away from the link trading hubs and networks.

34) Make a donation
There are some blogs there that have an Amazon Wishlist or an a buy me a drink donating buttons. Most of them list down all the people who have given in some way. They may include your link via blogroll or a post. These usually are permanent links.

35) Create a Firefox extension
If you are not a programmer, hire one to build a Firefox extension. If your extension gets approved, thats a permanent link on addons.mozilla.org, which is PR 9!

36) Sell WordPress themes
Giving away WordPress themes with footer linking back to your site creates incredible backlinks for you but what if you sell them? You get the link and the cash. Besides, selling your WordPress theme instead of giving it away pumps up its perceived value.

37) Getting backlinks using eBay
Sell items on eBay and offer to donate the profits to a charity. Many charities will link both to the eBay auction and your site.

38) Buy older established sites
It may be faster to buy an old place with a strong link profile, and link it to your site, than to try to start building authority links from scratch.

39) Do-follow list
Spend 30 minutes a day commenting on do follow blogs and you’re in for some quality targeted backlinks. This takes a lot of time though because you have to read the blog post, spark some conversation and appear natural. Worth the effort though!

40) Hold a contests
Contests attract backlinks. A few-hundred-dollar prize can result in thousands of dollars worth of editorial quality links.

41) Check competitors backlinks
Check out what your competition is doing to get good ideas for backlinks. You can use Open Site Explorerâ an excellent backlink tool created by the knowledgeable folks over at SEOmoz. With the free version, you can check where links are coming from.

42) Internal Links
Internal links from one blog post to another blog post on your site also count as backlinks.
Each time you write a blog post, try and backlink to a previous post. That way you are also adding another backlink. Plus you are enticing your visitors to see some of your other previous posts.

43) Submit your software to Freeware or Shareware sites
Search engines love Freeware and Shareware sites and submitting your software to these sites is a great way to obtain backlinks and boost traffic. Dont have a software product? Fret not, and you can always convert your ebook or article into a .exe and submit the PAD file to these sites.

44) Guestbook commenting
Guestbook commenting is a largely forgotten and ignored method of backlinking that will get you links from sources that most of your competitors dont know how to find and use.

45) Use embeddable images/widgets
An excellent example of this is The Oatmeal which had things like the Are You Addicted to Twitter? quizzes, where people could embed their results.

Infographics with embeddable inputs also help build many backlinks because people are much more likely to share a pretty infographic or an interesting widget than they are to just link to a random website. If you can give them something to share, they wont mind using your pre-defined HTML and including your backlink.

46) Write extensive reviews
Write a comprehensive review of a particular product or service you used, and it naturally built hundreds of links for you. Extensive studies on the Internet quickly gain popularity and become viral.

Sites like Mahalo and Wikipedia are always on the lookout to naturally link to great information. Hence a great review will get a bulk of backlinks. The key is to get in-depth and provide information that
doesn’t exist in other places in its entirety. If you aren’t covering every aspect of the product or service you are reviewing, don’t bother creating reviews like this.

47) Writing about the hottest trends
Blog about the hottest trends and you will soon find many comments and backlinks to your site.

This is because people are already currently searching for information about the particular hot trend and would love to have the latest news or opinion about the trend. If your post is excellent, people wouldn’t mind sharing it with a link back to your site.

48) Create how-to guides
How to guides are so successful in building backlinks that companies have been built around just that content type. Just look at sites like eHow, which has over 11 million backward links and is considered to be the 43rd most popular site in the US according to Alexa.

49) Create Memes
Internet Memes refer to any concept that spreads across the Internet. This can include stories, quotes, images, videos or audio. Memes are also typically humorous, and people love sharing a good joke.

That is why Memes are viral on the internet. People like being entertained, and if they find something particularly entertaining, they will pass it along to their friends, who in turn pass it on to their friends, and so on. That’s how content goes viral. And that also creates backlinks for you in the places on the internet people embed you Memes on.

50) Google Plus Profiles
Creating your profile on Google and add custom links with anchor text that helps Google determine what other sites think your site is about. On Google Profiles, you can add additional information along with the link including videos and photos.


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