WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Review

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In the digital era, numerous video converters which claim to be the best are appearing. Here come questions: Which is the best? How to identify the best in a wide range of products? In most people’s view, the best video converter should meet the following needs: high video quality, less conversion time. Seldom software can put these requirements together. Luckily, here comes HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which is an effective and practical tool. It can convert video to any format such as with a few clicks of your mouse. And it has following features, by the way, there is an exclusive giveaway for all of you, you can get the software free http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/giveaway/hdpro-lowkeytech.html before 15th. It is original price is $34.95.

  1. Various Choices of Video/Audio Formats:

HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports almost formats such as it can convert m4r to mp3, MKV, MP4, AVI, MTS, M2TS, FLV. Meanwhile, it supports many devices such as iPhone, Samung, HTC, Sony etc. 200+ formats and devices can be found in it.

  1. Performs conversion in high-definition quality:

HD Video Converter Factory Pro converts video with the high definition but the smallest size. The high definition ranges from 480p to 4k(UHD), which you can choose by yourself. It can reduce video size without losing quality. It absolutely guarantees the video that has appropriate aspect ratio and comfortable color.

  1. Outstanding 5X Compression Rate:

Integrated with an advanced video compressor, it will downsize video (convert HD videos to SD videos) with nearly 0 Quality Loss! And the converted videos are nearly indistinguishable from the originals. Thus you are able to free up some storage space on your devices.

  1. Convert Video to Audio:

HD Video Converter Factory Pro helps you extract audio from video, for example it can extract the BGM from a movie. At the same time, there are lossless audio formats that you can choose such as ALAC, FLAC. You can play the audio on the portable devices.

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  1. Download Video/Audio from Website:

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can download any hot video from websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo. This operation is easy to use-you just need copy the video link and paste it to the download interface, it can be finished automatically

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  1. A Real Time Saver- 50X Faster Video Conversion Speed:

With the unique encoder technology, it can boost 50X faster conversion speed. The process of conversion can be finished in the blink of eyes.

  1. Batch Conversion:

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can convert 10 videos at once, which can save your time.

  1. Extra Functions:

HD Video Converter Factory Pro can add subtitle to the video. It can edit the video such as add special effects such as mosaic, sharpen, darken to the video. Moreover, it can crop the image and clip the video time. It also can merge more than two videos into one and the order of these videos can be changed.

  1. Lossless Audio ConversionHD Video Converter Factory Pro can convert audio to any format such as MP3, AC3, WAV, which can play on your devices smoothly.

Final Words:

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the all-in-one software, which can bring more convenient service but cheaper price. It gets good reputation not only beginners but also skillful users.


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