10 Best iPhone Apps to Delete Duplicate Contacts in 2022

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10 Best iPhone Apps to Delete Duplicate Contacts

While managing contacts on an iPhone is easy, if you have multiple address books linked on your iPhone from work, school, etc., you might find problems with the duplicate contacts. Duplicate contacts on your iPhone only consume your storage space; they also lead to confusion.

You might face more problems if you have multiple numbers saved with the same contact name. Sometimes, you may even call or send an SMS to the wrong person because the names are similar. Hence, to deal with such problems, you need to start deleting the duplicate iPhone contacts.

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List of 10 Best iPhone Apps to Delete Duplicate Contacts

On iPhone, you can install third-party applications to eliminate duplicate contacts stored in your contact book. Contact manager apps for iPhone also provide many valuable features that could help you manage your contact book effectively. Here are the best apps to find and delete duplicate contacts on iPhone.

1. Super Cleaner

Super CleanerSuper Cleaner

Super Cleaner is an iPhone app that can help you free up your storage space. It can easily find and delete duplicate photos, videos, and contacts stored on your smartphone.

Apart from finding & deleting duplicate contacts, Super Cleaner also provides many helpful contact management features. So, you can use the app to manage your contacts as well.

2. Delete Contacts

Delete ContactsDelete Contacts

Although the app’s name claims to delete only contacts, it does more than that. Delete Contacts is a full-fledged contact manager app for iPhone that can help you manage your contacts easily.

With Delete Contacts, you can easily find & delete duplicate contacts, delete contacts with no phone number, delete contacts with no address/email, and more.

Other than finding & deleting duplicate contacts, Delete Contacts also offers you an option to backup and restore your contacts.

3. Cleanup: Clean Storage

Cleanup: Clean StorageCleanup: Clean Storage

Cleanup: Clean Storage is very similar to the Super Cleaner app we have listed above. It’s a storage management app that helps you clean up all unnecessary files from your iPhone. With Cleanup: Clean Storage, you can clean up your iPhone’s gallery, clear duplicate photos, etc.

While the app store listing doesn’t say anything about the duplicate contacts, Cleanup: Clean Storage can still find and remove duplicate contacts stored on your iPhone.

4. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts!

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts!Cleanup Duplicate Contacts!

Although not as popular as the other apps on the list, Cleanup Duplicate Contacts! is still one of the best duplicate contact removal apps you can have on your iPhone.

Once installed, Cleanup Duplicate Contacts! automatically scans your iPhone and shows you all duplicate contacts with an option to merge them together.

Before the contact book cleaning, Cleanup Duplicate Contacts! also asks you to create a backup in .CSV file.

5. Cleaner


Well, if you are looking for a lightweight duplicate contact remover app for your iPhone, look no other than Cleaner. Cleaner is one of the best duplicate item cleaning tools available for iPhones and iPad.

The app can easily find and clean duplicate photos and videos from your iPhone in just a few seconds. You also get an option to run a manual scan to find contacts with no number/email.

Besides that, Cleaner also provides you with a few other features such as Photo & video compressor, battery monitor, and more.

6. Contact Cleaner & Merge

Contact Cleaner & MergeContact Cleaner & Merge

Being a premium app, Contact Cleaner & Merge offers many features not found on other contact management apps. With Contact Cleaner & Merge, you can easily find and merge duplicate contacts by phone number/email/name.

If you don’t want to merge contacts, you can remove them from your phone. Other than that, Contact Cleaner & Merge also offers you a backup & restore option and Recycle Bin.

7. Erase/Merge Contact Remover

Erase Merge Contact RemoverErase Merge Contact Remover

Erase/Merge Contact Remover is probably the most lightweight contact remover app that you can have on iPhone. Like every other contact remover app, Erase/Merge Contact Remover lets you find and merge contacts with similar numbers and names.

You also get an option to backup all the contacts in .vcf format. Overall, Erase/Merge Contact Remover is a great contact remover to have on iPhone.

8. Remove Duplicate Contacts +

Remove Duplicate ContactsRemove Duplicate Contacts

Remove Duplicate Contacts + is an iPhone app that can help you clean up your address book mess. It’s a multi-purpose iPhone app that can delete, backup, restore, and export contacts in your address book.

The basic version of Remove Duplicate Contacts + is designed to find & remove duplicate contacts, whereas the premium version offers calendar tools, the ability to group SMS, and more.

9. Duplicate Contacts Fixer

Duplicate Contacts FixerDuplicate Contacts Fixer

Duplicate Contacts Fixer is not as popular as the other apps on the list; it does its job pretty well. The pleasant and decluttered interface is the app’s key highlight and consumes fewer resources.

The app can easily find and remove duplicate contacts from your iPhone. Before deleting the duplicate contacts, it automatically creates a backup of all contacts. Later, you can use that backup file (.vcf) to restore the deleted contacts on your iPhone via Duplicate Contacts Fixer.

10. Contacts Cleaner

Contacts CleanerContacts Cleaner

Well, Contacts Cleaner is an app that can help you organize your address book. The main features of Contacts Cleaner were finding & merging duplicate contacts and removing contacts without names/phone numbers.

Contacts Cleaner also provides a few smart filters that allow you to find the contact you need quickly. You can even filter contacts by company or job title, calendar events, and more.

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Almost all apps are available on the iOS app store and are free to download & use. So, these are some of the best iPhone apps to find and delete duplicate contacts. If you want to suggest any other duplicate contact remover apps, let us know in the comments.


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