10 Best Virtual Phone Number Apps For Account Verifications in 2021

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If you have been using the internet for a while, you might know that many services and apps rely on phone numbers for verification. For instance, Google requires phone verification for creating an account.

Not only Google, almost all major services, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., require a phone number for verification. Phone verification is indeed helpful for tech companies as it prevents spam and misuse.

However, many users don’t want to put their private numbers on any online site. You can use your phone number to verify online accounts, but what if your number is misused?

Few companies on the internet collect and sells phone number to third parties. This is the only reason users often receive spam and telemarketing calls. These things can be easily avoided by using virtual phone number apps.

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List of 10 Best Virtual Phone Number Apps For Android

There are plenty of Virtual phone number apps available for Android that provides users a secondary phone number. The secondary phone number can be used to sign up for web services or apps. In this article, we will share a few best virtual phone number apps for Android.

1. Next Plus

Next Plus

Well, Next Plus is one of the best and top-rated virtual phone number apps available on the Play Store. The app provides users a secondary phone number that can be used for verification purposes.

The good thing is that the virtual phone number works on every significant apps and service.

2. Text Plus

Text PlusText Plus

This app also provides the virtual phone number for the verification processes. It’s one of the top-rated communication apps where users get their own unique US phone number, which can be utilized for various purposes.

There is only one issue noted; this app is sometimes reported as spam by Google services or accounts. That means it won’t work while creating Google accounts. Other than that, the app is all well for every other type of account verification!

3. Talkatone


This app registers a free US virtual phone number for every user who signs up. The registration could be done through email ID, and once done, users can start making and receiving calls.

Apart from calling, Talkatone can be used to exchange text messages as well. However, the pricing of talk at one service is quite expensive compared to other apps.

4. Burner: Smart Phone Numbers

Burner: Smart Phone NumbersBurner: Smart Phone Numbers

Burner is a premium app on the list that allows users to choose their unique phone number. The app offers phone numbers from about 40 countries, which can be used for verification purposes. However, you need to pay $1.9 for every phone number that you purchase from the app.

5. Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers

Hushed Anonymous Phone NumbersHushed Anonymous Phone Numbers

As the name of this app already suggests, this app is meant for providing a virtual phone number that the users could use anonymously to verify their accounts. This app is amazing because it doesn’t give away any information about you to third parties.

So, Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers is another best Virtual Phone number apps that you can use right now.

6. TalkU

TalkUTalkUTalkU is one of the best and top-rated Android apps that can be used to make free and cheap phone calls to anyone over WiFi and mobile data.

Interestingly, TalkU provides you a free local phone number that can be used to make free calls and send free SMS. The local phone number can be used for online verifications, receiving OTPs, etc.

7. 2ndLine


If you live in the US or Canada and search for apps to get a virtual phone number, then 2ndLine might be the best pick for you. With 2ndLine, you can easily get a local phone number which you can give your friends.

2ndLine is free in the US & Canada, but you need to purchase the premium package for international calls.

8. Sideline


Well, if you have been searching for a flexible and personal communication app for your Android to reach out to customers or team members, then Sideline might be the best pick for you. With Sideline, you can create your custom number.

To create a custom number, you can search area codes to find a second phone number for your company or small business.

9. Numero eSIM

1623730708 806 10 Best Virtual Phone Number Apps For Account Verifications in1623730708 806 10 Best Virtual Phone Number Apps For Account Verifications in

Well, Numero eSIM is an Android app that lets you purchase a second phone number. It provides you a virtual phone number from over 80 countries and 3000 cities from all across the world.

The good thing about Numero eSIM is that the virtual number that it provides works well with WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, and many other apps.

10. Skype Number

Skype NumberSkype Number

Skype number is not an app, but it’s an add-on on the Skype service. Skype Number is available in more than 26 countries/regions.

Users can choose from 26 different countries/regions to buy a Skype Number. Once purchased, users can share the skype number with friends, family, and other contacts to make and receive calls.

So this was the list of all those best Android apps meant for phone number verification using virtual techniques. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment box below. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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