12 Best Messaging Apps for iPhone in 2023

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Instant messaging, or IM, is an online communication method that connects two or more people in real-time to exchange text messages. Thanks to instant messaging apps, we can now connect with our friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, etc., via the internet and exchange text messages.

As the instant messaging segment is growing in popularity, the use of SMS and MMS is decreasing. Today, popular instant messaging apps for iPhone allow you to send photos, videos, file attachments, etc., all via the internet. If that’s not enough for you, you will also have the option to make voice/video calls.

List of Best Messaging Apps for iPhone

So, if you have just purchased a new iPhone or looking for the best instant messaging apps to connect with your friends, you might find this article very useful. This article will explore the best messenger and chat apps for iPhone that you can download & use for free. Let’s check out the best messaging apps for iPhone.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is probably the best and most popular instant messaging app available for iOS devices. You can download the app for free from the iOS app store, which offers many amazing and useful features.

With WhatsApp, you can exchange text messages, make voice and video calls, send stickers in chats, make group voice/video calls, send file attachments, etc. The app is cross-platform supported and is one of the best in the instant messaging segment.

2. Messenger


Both WhatsApp and Messenger are owned by the same company – Meta (Facebook). So, just like WhatsApp, Messenger also allows you to exchange text messages. However, the catch here is that you can only message your Facebook friends.

Apart from messaging, Messenger also allows you to make voice/video calls, send GIFs in chats, change the chat theme, and more. Overall, Messenger is the best messaging app for iPhone that you can use today.

3. Telegram


Although not as popular as WhatsApp, Telegram is still one of the best messaging and chat apps you can use on your iOS devices. Telegram is available for all platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

Like Messenger and WhatsApp, Telegram also includes voice and video call support. You even get an option to start an end-to-end encrypted chat on the app.

Apart from that, Telegram has mainly known for its channel-specific features. You can find and join various Telegram Channels as per your needs.

4. Skype


Many don’t consider Skype an instant messaging app; it still has a text chat option. In fact, Skype also has support for group chats, and it’s known for its excellent cross-platform support.

Skype provides you with emoticons, GIFs, and images from the web to liven up your conversation if we talk about the chat features. Overall, Skype is a great instant messaging app that you can use on your iPhone.

5. iMessage


iMessage is Apple’s own messaging app, and it’s an obvious choice for many iOS users. With iMessage, you can exchange messages with other iOS and macOS users. The only downside of iMessage is that it isn’t cross-platform supported.

iMessage for iOS offers useful and exciting features such as invisible links, screen effects, sending photos, media files, etc. This is one feature-rich messaging app that you can use on your iPhone.

6. Snapchat



Snapchat is not an app known for its text messaging; it’s something different. It’s a photo & video sharing app where you can share photos & videos that last only 24 hours.

The same goes for text messaging as well. You can send messages to your Snapchat friends, but the messages get deleted once viewed. So, there’s no message history. Other than that, you also get video chat & group video chat options.

7. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger

If you want a privacy-focused messaging app for your iPhone, try Signal Private Messenger. It’s a full-featured messaging app that provides you with many privacy options.

You can exchange text messages, make voice and video calls, share files, and do more with Signal Private Messenger. All chats were end-to-end encrypted to keep your conversations secure.

8. Viber


Viber is an app known for messaging, calling, group chats, video messages, and video chat features. While the app is not popular in some regions, it’s still one of the best messenger apps you can use on your iPhone.

If we talk about the chat features, all chats & group chats on Viber are end-to-end encrypted, allowing you to confidently communicate, knowing that all the private messages are private.

It also offers many useful messaging features, such as reacting to messages, self-destructing messages, etc.

9. Threema



Threema is one of the best and most versatile private messaging apps you can use today. It’s an open-source application that allows you to make end-to-end encrypted voice calls and video calls and exchange text messages.

It uses encryption by default for communications, including messages, voice & video calls, group chats, media files, and even status messages.

Threema even lets you share videos, pictures, and location details on the chats. You can create groups, conduct polls, switch chat themes, etc.

10. Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Wickr Me - Private Messenger

If privacy is your top priority, Wickr Me – Private Messenger could be your perfect pick. Wickr Me – Private Messenger lets you exchange messages with your loved one in 1:1 or groups. While Wickr Me – Private Messenger is not as popular as other leading chat apps, it’s something different and has many useful features to offer.

It also has other communication features, such as voice calling & memos. And everything in this app is fully encrypted with a new key, making it almost impossible to break.

11. GroupMe


GroupMe is less popular than all other messaging apps for iPhone, but it’s a great, fun app. It’s a simple messaging app allowing you to chat with friends or family.

On GroupMe, you can create a group and add your friends to it. You can add members to a group via their phone number or email address. If the contact doesn’t have the GroupMe app installed, they can chat with you via SMS.

The only drawback of GroupMe is that it’s less secure and private than other messaging apps for iPhones.

12. Dust


If you are searching for a secret messaging app for iPhone, look no other than Dust. It’s one of the most secure messenger apps for iPhone available on the Apple app store.

The app is free to download, and all messages you exchange using the app are set to auto-delete after 24 hours. So, basically, you leave no trace of yours on the app.

Dust also provides other messaging features, such as a message self-destruct timer, the ability to recall the sent messages, etc. The app also notifies you when someone takes a screenshot of your sent messages.

You can start messaging your loved ones with these free iOS messaging apps. So, these are some of the best messenger and chat apps for iPhone. If you know of other such chat apps, let us know in the comment box below.


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