4 WhatsApp Tricks And Cheats In 2019 You Must know

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Are you ready to learn all the latest Whatsapp tricks and cheats in 2019? You may use the instant messaging app, but if you want to use it like a pro, allow me to take you to school today.

Forget what you think you know and pay attention to what I’m about to reveal to you.

Now as you all know, Whatsapp is a social chat app used to send messages in form of texts, images, videos, audio etc to the contacts in your phone book, and it was bought by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion.

Over the last few years, Whatsapp has been adding several new and amazing features to the app, like how to embolden or strike through your texts, how to check how much data you use on the app and so on.

This is 2019 boys and girls, and even more badder features exist that you’ve probably never heard about.


Below are 4 WhatsApp tricks and cheats in 2019 that will amaze you.

#1. How To Crash Someone’s Whatsapp By Sending Lots Of Smileys?

It sounds rather crazy, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Apparently, there’s this vulnerability on Whatsapp that makes this sort of cyber attack possible.

So if you have a friend you want to mess around with or teach a lesson. Just follow my lead: Whatsapp can only handle so much and any overload will cause it to crash.

In fact, it can only send a total of 6500 characters in a message. To cause a person’s app to crash, all you have to do is send a ton of emojis (about 4000 of them actually.

I know it sounds crazy but a simple copy and past a few hundred times would suffice. Emojis are made up of several characters to form one unlike single letters or numbers).

You do that and the person’s app will get an error when they try to open the message. You can thank me later 😊

#2. How to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text on Android & IOS.

So for Android and IOS, it’s pretty much the same technique, but slightly different apps. Yes. You’d need to use a third-party app to work this magic.

Step 1: For Android, simply install the “Transcriber for Whatsapp” app on Play Store while for IOS, the “Audio To Text For WhatsApp”.

Step 2: Open WhatsApp and search for the voice note you want to transcribe, click and hold until some options pop up then choose the share option.

Step 3: In the share option, you’d see whichever transcriber app you installed for your various OS’. Share to it and automatically, your WhatsApp voice message will be transcribed into text.

#3. How to Watch Whatsapp Status Anonymously.

Personally, I’m not a fan of statuses, whether on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

The sheer fact that they can disappear frankly annoys me. 😌But if that’s your turn on, please, feel free. Here’s how you can watch your friends’ Whatsapp Status’ without them having a clue you did.

Step 1: Go to your file manager and search for your WhatsApp folder. Truth is every single thing you do on WhatsApp is stored here, including those Whatsapp Statuses and whatever ‘funny business’ you’ve been receiving and sending to whomever.

Step 2: Go to settings within the folder and check the option to unhide all files. If you can’t find this on your phone, just download a third party file manager app like the ES file explorer.

Step 3: Within this folder, look for the subfolder which says “Whatsapp Status” and goes through as many as you want. Since the process is 100% offline, your friends can’t know you’re daily binge-watching their Statuses.

#4. How To Run Multiple WhatsApp Accounts On Your Android Phone.

So as it turns out, I’m uniquely qualified to teach you how to run multiple WhatsApp installations on one phone because that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m currently using our office phone to house my SIM pending when I purchase a new Tecno Camon X Pro, as such, I had to separate my own accounts from the apps logged in to the office’s social media accounts.

To run multiple WhatsApp accounts on one android phone, you don’t need to use any MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile free browsing cheat. Simply search Play store for the app called “Parallel space”, install and follow the setup instruction.

Now your turn

Do you know of any other recent WhatsApp tricks and cheats in 2019 i didn’t list above? Tell me in the comments below.

By Richard of Richeetech


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