How To Gain Followers On Instagram From Zero To Millions

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In this article, I will be sharing with you guys how I gain followers on my Instagram page from zero to millions in a few months. I have unique strategies I use, and I will be sharing all with you below.


I bought from my local store two phones worth less than 60$ and two sim cards. On each phone, I created two IG accounts. On one phone, I keep my businesses legit 100%. On the other phone, two accounts are for botting/buying followers, etc.

I am all against botting and buying followers because if you do it wrong, you will be taxed, and all the work will be in vain. But if you do it right, you can reach the top much faster than usual.

With GetInsta, you can get free Instagram followers and likes correctly. Enjoy Instagram followers free from today on! No password. No survey. No risk.

I have very unique strategies I use, and I will be sharing all with you below. Before that, you need to know there is also a way to buy instagram followers.

I do not use proxies, but four accounts on my own IP, two different phones, and manually follow/unfollow on my main account.

IG User min


Remember this: “90% of your gain followers will come from YOU following THEM”. No one will start following you just because you’re liking or commenting on their feed unless you are precious in your content.

When following people, you must accept the fact early on that you will be following complete strangers that never heard of you before.

However, there are correct ways to follow and wrong ways to comply. My following techniques are one of the reasons why I believe I became successful with my store in such a short period of time.

Overview of the following

Who’s followers do I follow?

For me, as a women*clothing shop, I always target other shops with less than 50k followers and less than 0.2% engagement rate, maybe less than 0.5% if I find the content is super valuable.*

Most other “gurus” recommend you target shops that have 10% engagement and 300k followers because they have an “engaging audience that likes posts, they’ll like yours too,” where that’s not always true.

They might have 100k followers and 10k likes on a post, but because of their high-quality content or other unintentional reasons, you can’t put in value yourself as a beginner with 100 followers.

How authentic are their followers?

You may want to take your time here because this will make it or break it. Check the growth of Social Blade are they losing -200 followers a day and then pofffff*+1k the next day? If you find these type of patterns they might be buying followers so not a good idea to target them, but not always 100% true because they might be buying shoutouts or getting help from other big accounts, that’s why we have the next step:

Now if SocialBlade looks good. Get an idea of the followers that liked and commented on their last 5-6 posts.

Manually check each account that I liked. If they have 1k+ likes per post obviously you won’t do for each post, that will take ages, but just get an idea, check 100 people.

If your target audience is WOMEN, then check if the accounts that liked the posts are mostly women.
Check how old are the accounts, check their posts captions and people that commented on their posts…Are the accounts fairly new? Use common sense.

Make an idea about their feed, and they only post images with quotes but no pics of themselves? Probably a fake or just someone bored.

Do most of these accounts promote something in their bio or caption that’s unrelated to their own persona? Probably a fake, someone doing CPA most likely. Use common sense very important.

Before following
Be sure to write down how many gained followers you have at the moment you start following and how many followings.

This will give you a rough idea of how efficient the followers of your target area are.

The other two accounts are purely for advertisement, I merely buy followers on them and bot on them as much as I can, and I repost content from my feed with captions and tagging. I do not follow/unfollow more than 200 a day.

Continually changing the settings – a crucial step. You don’t want Instagram to find out you are botting, therefore don’t repeat the same steps for one week every day.

Buying shoutouts, it’s a crucial yet expensive step. I have purchased 5 shoutouts, each worth 70$+, from 1+ million accounts and 3 of them are complete failures, now the pics and the captions are not the problems. The problem is the accounts are botted with fake likers and commenters (yes, that large it’s possible), an example of bad lousy nugget:*Fashion Selection*

The account above has 2 million followers and 2k-20k likes per pic; that’s less than 0.01% engagement which is terrible.
Be sure to check everything on SocialBlade and then the followers; however, here it is harder to determine a GOOD account due to massive numbers, but the engagement percentage can speak for itself.

Good shoutouts were from smaller accounts that have at most 500k, one has 500k(which is a meme) one has 90k(which is another store) and helped tremendously in my growth.

IG Likes min
Likes, Follow And Comments


This strategy I am going to tell you it’s one of the reasons why I believe I became successful with my IG store in such a short period of time.
Follow + 3 Like + 1 Comment.


I manually follow only people who recently liked and commented on the posts that are within my niche’s demographics.


I found three likes it’s best when they follow someone, they won’t feel like extra attention is given to them, nor they feel passed by “just another freeloader who wants a follow back.”

Don’t like random content. If they have three pictures with themselves and 100 with random unimportant stuff, like the pictures with them first, show them you’ve considered and liked them.


I always post a comment on the person I follow. These are like seeds. At some point someone their friends will check these person’s accounts and see your comment there and follow you too. That’s why it must be a genuine compliment or a personalized question. Now, there are many bots out there that people use who comment “Nice” “wow” and “nice feed! What do you think of my last post?”.

These cheesy lines will work with some, but you need a pipeline to build with your audience because they’ll follow you and BUY from you.

I like to get personal with the people I sometimes follow. A genuine compliment on a beautiful dress or place they’ve visited might be better than a botted “nice” on a blurred selfie they’ve taken and not many people liked. That’s why I want to do everything manually to gain followers.


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