Is your Blackberry slow, hangs and freezes? Try This

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blackberry 5Everyone knows Blackberry OS devices are prone to memory leaks thereby resulting in slowing down operational processes and executing slow boot time, lagging which could be very annoying for those who wants fast response and quick execution of processes. The Blackberry OS device includes The Bold series, Touch series, curve series and other older versions of the Blackberry OS. In this tutorial am going to share simple tips you can do to get your Blackberry running at maximum speed whereby resulting in quick execution of processes and runtime. You don’t need to wait endlessly for your Blackberry to carry out a simple process, or restarting your Blackberry device every time you encounter lagging or slow runtime.

Every Action Processed on your Blackberry phone is Logged and saved on your phone. For example Your Mail, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, and other application installed on your phone are logged in the Blackberry Event Logs.

I currently make use of the Blackberry 9790 running on OS 7.1 with the latest update platform, which I only installed applications I use often, BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Ucweb and Whatsapp. Also of which I have over 1000 Camera Pictures, 6000 Photos in my Picture Library, 500 songs and 100 Videos. Yet my Blackberry always runs smoothly and doesn’t lags or hangs often. Below I would be sharing my simple tips on how I made my Blackberry runtime faster.

How to Make Your Blackberry Faster

As a Blackberry user you must have encountered a situation whereby your Blackberry just suddenly hangs, freezes or you see the clock dialogue box running which could take over 30 minutes or more. Below are tested and proven practices which I recommend to any Blackberry owner to ensure your Blackberry runs at maximum speed.

1. Automatic Memory Cleaning

To carry out automatic memory cleaning on your Blackberry follow the steps below:

  • Go to “Options” scroll down and click on “Security” scroll down and select “Advance Security Settings” now click on “Memory Cleaning” enable it and following the settings on the screenshot below:


  • Finally, you can “Show Icon on Home Screen.” Save your changes. This helps to keep your BlackBerry running smoothly always clean your memory logs which enables your Blackberry runtime to be much faster executing programs and processes.


As you can see I saved my Memory cleaner inside my application folder, you can save yours anywhere you want depends on your choice.

2. Clear your Browser Cache

As you surf through the Internet, your mobile browser caches various information from the various sites you visited and all your passwords, history, cookies, cache, pushed contents and download lists are all stored somewhere on your Blackberry browser event log which takes valuable device memory. To clear your Browsing data:

  • Go to your browser, click on  options, stroll down and you would see “Clear Browsing Data”, I strongly recommend you to leave the passwords  and history untick and tick the cookies, cache, push content and download list, then click on clear now.


3. Delete Unnecessary/Unused Applications

At this point most Blackberry owners don’t know that the more applications you have on your BlackBerry, the less free memory that’s available for use, when checking your storage memory you noticed the “Application Storage”, whenever you download and install apps on your blackberry, the Application storage available space decreases. Thereby decreasing runtime and execution of programs and processes. No wonder your Blackberry is always slow and hangs, lags a lot. You probably downloaded lots of third-party apps with good intentions of actually making use of them, eventually you don’t even open those apps and u left them on your phone. Kindly delete any unused apps and free up your Application Storage space to enable fast runtime and execution of programs processes on your Blackberry.


Deleting unwanted or unused applications can really improve your device’s performance. To delete Apps:

  • Go to “Options” scroll down to “Device” click on “Application Management”, when you click Applications inside this menu, your device will build a list of all apps on your device. Scroll through them and you’ll probably find a number of apps that you don’t need. Delete apps by scrolling over them and hitting your BlackBerry menu key. Select Delete and confirm that you want to remove the app when the dialogue box pops up.


I hope this tutorial has been of great help?


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30 thoughts on “Is your Blackberry slow, hangs and freezes? Try This”

  1. Thanks so much for the tutorial. I will definitely try it out. How come you are able to store so much on your bb device? Do you use extra memory card and what size? Thanks

    • Your most welcome Tina, well i don’t use an external memory card when my bold 6 got an internal memory of 6gb. i only use my internal memory of 6gb on my bold 6. and i bold 6 is still fast and loads well!!! Thanks

  2. i have a BB bold 5. about every 3months it boots halfway until i take it to repairers to flash. i notice they usually plug it to a pc with usb cord. i will like to know how to do this myself

    • Perfect choice, The Q10 is highest selling bb10 device ever. The bb10 device has both android and Blackberry Operating system, which makes the device the best. You can also use the normal glo bis 1k for 3gb. All the best!!!

  3. Hi, I have a blackberry q5 that has been freezing for 24 hours, it wont come on and it just says’verifying and securing Blackberry 10 os.

  4. HI I have an older BB Z10 it has always run perfectly. Now a the last few days it has frozen/gone black then starts up again a while later. it’s doing stange things with the battery, suddenly saying it low then showing its near full charge. I looked at the Ram and it’s pretty much running close too 100% so I think that is the issue, but not sure.

    Any suggestions of what to do? will try the above however you make a comment to be careful with the older Z10s. Please help.


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