How to Link Your First Bank ATM Card with PayPal

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first bank paypalPayPal is no doubt among the leading global payment services that enables you to make payments securely on the Internet, accepts payments, send or receive money without revealing your financial information on the web, Most online ventures that accept online payment method all accept PayPal as a means of easy payment because of its secured means of business transactions and security is guarantee to prevent fraud and online scam schemes. 

When PayPal first eventually announced their entry into the Nigeria E-commerce world there was joy in the hearts of Nigerians who carry out online business transactions and also mixed feeling from Nigerian firms that runs private online business transactions, the recent development of PayPal finally in Nigerian would obvious stop or reduce online transactions from various Nigerian private online firms. Because PayPal is open to everyone and it’s free to get a PayPal account in Nigeria.

I know of someone who was trying to acquire a PayPal account since 2011, so it’s a huge development PayPal is finally in Nigeria. Now Nigerians can purchase and pay for any online transaction and ship any goods to their doorstep. PayPal has finally taken a step further by offering all its services to Nigerians by going into partnership with First Bank Ltd.

How to Create a PayPal account In Nigeria

Go to PayPal Nigeria website and sign up for a PayPal Nigeria account, you can either click on business or personal type of PayPal account, fill the form with valid details and submit, PayPal would send you a mail, check your mail box and verify your PayPal email address and login into your new PayPal Nigeria account.


Creating a Nigeria PayPal account is very easy to implement, the main issue is actually linking your Bank ATM card either Master card or Visa card to your Nigerian PayPal account. Verve card is not actually allowed to carry out online transactions. So if you own a verve ATM card and you want to perform online transactions, kindly go to any of your bank branch and request for an ATM card change to either Master card or the Visa card.

To apply for the first bank Master card, go to any first bank branch and a customer care representative would attend to you, the master card incurs a fee of N1000 and immediately activated for you after filling some forms. While applying for first bank Visa card is going to take up to 2 – 3 days to be ready and activated and it also costs N2000.

I actually was using a verve first bank ATM card initially, I heard about PayPal is now officially in Nigeria, so I decided to change my First bank verve ATM card to Master card so I could be able to carry out online transactions.

Opening a Nigerian PayPal account is absolutely free but actually linking your debit and credit ATM card would make your Nigerian PayPal verified and lift restrictions and limits from PayPal. So linking your bank ATM card either Master card or Visa card is quite mandatory and important. Would be sharing how I actually linked my First bank Master card with my Nigerian PayPal account below.

How to Link First Bank ATM Card with Your Nigerian PayPal Account

fbn-paypalAfter verifying your PayPal Nigeria account via your email box, Your PayPal Nigeria Account is active and ready to carry out online transactions, but your account status is not verified yet, and you need to get verified so you can lift your PayPal account limits, because without getting verified your PayPal Nigeria account is useless. Clicking on “Get verified” on your account status takes you to a page where you fill your Bank ATM card details. This actually links your Bank credit/debit ATM card either Master Card or Visa Card with your PayPal Nigeria account, so you can pay in money from your bank account which is already linked to your PayPal Nigeria account and carry out online payments and transactions.

Verifying and linking PayPal Nigeria account with First bank Nigeria can be done in two ways:

  • Linking your ATM Master or Visa card with your PayPal Nigeria account: When clicking on “Get verified” on your PayPal account status, you would be taken to a new page where you fill your First Bank ATM Master or Visa Card details, after successfully filling your ATM card details, PayPal would deduct N324.41 equivalent to $1.95 USD from your First Bank account, this is to actually verify if truly your First bank account is yours, Now PayPal would send you your PayPal code to your First bank account via text message or alert.

1Note: Always make sure the First bank account you’re using is not dormant and the account should be active also at least N400 should be in the account. After receiving your PayPal code, PayPal would refund the money deducted after 24Hrs.

Now you can insert your 4-digit PayPal code and confirm your First Bank ATM card, wait for some seconds you will get Congratulations your Card has been confirmed and verified.

3Your PayPal Nigeria Account is now officially confirmed and verified. You can now carry out online payments and transactions as long you have the right money in your account.

4I just paid for my web hosting on Hostgator with my Nigeria PayPal account linked with my First bank Nigeria ATM Master card. I recommend Hostgator Web hosting because I never experience downtime and my website is always up 100%. You can join Hostgator Here

  • Using FirstOnline Portal:  This is First bank Internet banking which allows you to link your first bank account with PayPal and you get verified instantly. But you must have a FirstOnline account with First bank, if you don’t have, then go to any First bank branch and fill the firstOnline form which requires a “Token” fee of N2000 and it takes 5-Business days to be verified and confirmed.

I would writing a complete tutorial on How to use FirstOnline to verify your PayPal Nigeria Account. Once my FirstOnline account has been verified and activated.


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77 thoughts on “How to Link Your First Bank ATM Card with PayPal”

  1. Am having an hard time with verification. The first time I did it with my Firstbank card,it was was accepted but I never got the code for a while. I was very impatient because I couldn’t order much so I unlicked the card trying to link it again all to no avail. Here is the reply
    “The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.”

    • Am so sorry about that, Based on my personal experience linking nigerian atm card with a paypal account, once you experience verification issues, just go to the bank customer care and ask them for help or you create a new paypal account and link your atm card.

  2. Your Comment *hello. I tried getting verified but it tells me the application that does that is not available. Can I go ahead making payments or the account is still as good as not having one

  3. I tried to verify my paypal account but it showed me a message that the card is not accepted, I should try another card. please is there anything I can do?

    • Most Banks Naira MasterCard can’t be link to PayPal account for now. There’s a little adjustment. You need a Domiciliary MasterCard ( only dollar) to activate it for Zenith, GTBank and Ecobank. Don’t know if Firstbank Naira MasterCard is still acceptable.

      • Hi,
        I also had problem verifying my GTbank master card on paypal. I don’t mind opening an access bank account so as to be able to link a card. But how authentic is this information that Access bank visa card is acceptable. My experience with these banks is that most of their staffs don’t really have complete information of their own services. I don’t want to waste scarce resources opening an account only to find out I still have the same problem. Can you direct me to the source from which you got this info?

  4. What is the solution now. I got my master card today and it’s saying it’s has not been issued. Can I get Access bank Visa card without opening an account? Or are there other ways to transact apart from PayPal??

  5. Hi, i just tried to verify my access bank visa card on paypal and it’s not working! Please help…

  6. please as of today is it only access bank visa card that links to PayPal? also how much does PayPal charge for verification please, thank u

  7. I just got my PayPal verified and working with my access bank visa card so easy, I just got an access bank account in three days with ATM and got a paypal with it, so easy, who wants one pm me 08107128935

  8. Hello, Please i’ll like to ask if you can use access debit card to make online payments ordinarily (without linking to paypal).


  9. Thanks so much, I went to access bank then demanded for visa card bit they said it is finish but I can use MasterCard for PayPal and they gave it to me immediately after deducting #1050 from my account and immediately I linked it up with my PayPal right there at the spot and it worked, just came back from access bank now

  10. Good morning i followed your instruction ,got a master card from Access bank after opening an account with them and i asked the cc if the master card can be linked with my paypal and she said yes( bacause i was told by the cc that presently thier visa card is misbehaving so to speak) but when i tried linking the master card i got a response that i should try another card that the card cant be used. What do i do now?

  11. I have an offer to receive $ via PayPal, and I’ve opened PayPal-nigeria. Please, will I be able to receive it? If yes, how do I cash it?

  12. Larious nice blog with people with resourceful information. But i will need information on How i can receive money from paypal. +2348032774091

  13. Thanks for the post

    But I have a concern
    If I can’t receive money with a Nigerian PayPal account, what use then is the PayPal account. And what kind of PayPal account can I use for international transaction (receiving and sending)

  14. Hi, thanks for the post. I just registered with PayPal now but they kept telling me they can’t access my first bank master card (savings account) when I wanted to link it to my PayPal account. Is it that I didn’t register with Nigeria link. Is there a difference between US registration and Nigeria registration. I saw your link lately,I have already registered. Do I close the account and follow your link. They haven’t charged me N350.. What do I do.. I wanted to use it to make some transactions this morning.

  15. I have GTB Mastercard and I use it to create paypal account but it doesn’t receive funds , so please i want to ask if firstbank Mastercard receive fund with PayPal because i have it too, or paypal don’t receive funds at all in nigeria .thanks

    • Nigerian Paypal is limited. Just dont waste your time thinking you can received funds or send funds via paypal Nigeria. Imagine South African has 100% full access to paypal. Nigeria has a country is nothing to write home about. God help Us here.

  16. Pls what is the limit of Nigeria new PayPal account and is it operating in USD or NGN…I want to know because I’ve not been able to verify with my first bank MasterCard and is that still possible too ??

  17. My first bank naira master card and Visa gold card has been declining on online banking via PayPal, I can receive fund. For 6weeks it has been telling me to use another card that i can make payment with this card, try another. Plz what can I do. I can receive fund via PayPal with my first bank cards and it is only first bank that uses PayPal. Plz somebody help me, my money is wasting away!


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