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Checkout All Slot Nigeria Outlets In Nigeria

slot ngSlot Nigeria, one of the top mobile phone dealer company in Nigeria which become a household name when it comes to buying of new phone mobile and phone accessories. Slot Nigeria has earned the trust of Nigerians across the country due to their sale of original mobile phones and accessories and also ensure a 12 month guarantee on every mobile phone sold to their customers.

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Introducing Caleb Fashion Show 2015

Caleb Fashion 2015Caleb university imota Lagos the only private university in Lagos state would be hosting a unique fashion show tagged “Caleb Fashion Show 2015”. The aim of the Fashion show is to encourage the young talented and skillful entrepreneurs involved In fashion designing and photography in the institution to enable them become bold, business-oriented, and showcase their talents to the world bringing out their creativity in order for them to be able to survive in the society of today with or without the white-collar job, and therefore impacting the society and the world at large.

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My Nysc Experience: Life In Benue Nysc Orientation Camp

Nysc orientation camp benue stateThe national youth service corps (NYSC) is a one year mandatory exercise required for every Nigerian to serve his father land by offering various forms of service back to the community, The Nysc is all about giving back to the nation all what you have to offer to help improve the community and the economy of the nation based on where your been posted. The Nysc orientation camp is where prospective youth corps members are being trained and nurtured by the military personnel and also by the Nysc officials. The Nysc orientation camp is actually the best educational fun part in the whole Nysc program.

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Happy 2015: Happy New Year

2015When the New Year arrives, it brings new ideas and hopes for us to make our lives good to better and better to best, The New Year gives you fresh 365 days to play with and a new start to fill them up with whatever your heart desires so that you have no regrets, Never regret the mistakes of the past year as you reminisce about the year gone by, As you welcome the brand New Year you should instead learn from those past mistakes and make the year 2015 the best in your life history.

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NYSC Orientation Camp Hosting The Batch C Stream II

nysc1Prospective corps members in batch c stream II will be deployed to some specific states, Nysc effort to ensure adequate mobilisation of qualified candidates of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has approved and restricted the hosting of the Stream II Orientation Course for Batch ‘C’ 2014 to some specific states below.

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Basic Information About Nysc Benue Orientation Camp

NYSCThis article is actually very important for prospective corps members that are been posted to Gboko orientation camp in benue state, Its always a plus to have inside information about somewhere you’ve never been before and also enabling you to be prepared for the worse situation. The advantage of this article enable corps member to have basic knowledge about various Nysc activities in Benue camp.

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Basic Information About NYSC Place Of Primary Assignment {PPA} & {CDS}

The Nysc Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) is where you are expected to render selfless service with dedication for a year of active service to your country. PPA is the second stage of your Nysc service year after your 21 days on various orientations camps in the country. The orientation camp is actually the main part of your Nysc, after camp you would realize the camp was just the best and fun part of the whole  Nysc programme.

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How To Print Your NYSC Call Up Letter Without Paying 4K

NYSC-Camp-1Nysc introduced a new way for a prospective corps member to receive his/her call up letter online without going to various institutions to receive them, Nysc mandated a payment of N4,000, which allows you receive your call up no via mail and also allows you print your call up letter online. But many prospective corps members do not see the need to pay such ridiculous amount to Nysc, If you didn’t pay the mandated N4,000, Your call up No and Letters are sent to various institutions for prospective corps members to receive them.

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Important Information To All 2014 Batch B & C NYSC Corps Members

Corps-MembersAn important notice was passed from the National Youth Service Corps to all prospective corps members in Batch B and C, The memo contains important information about the Stream 1 and Stream 2. Below is a snap shot from the pages of the dailysun newspaper Monday 3rd November 2014 edition.

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All About NYSC Redeployment And How To Redeploy

The Nysc redeployment scheme was established based on three main factors, Marital or Health ground and recently added Security ground. But many of us only talk about redeployment if the state of deployment isn’t favorable to us or probably surrounded by life and death situation (Boko haram).

Many corps members wants to redeploy to another state closer to home or if possible demobilized home, But what many don’t understand is the procedure to follow, who to approach, and on what grounds will a redeployment request be considered by NYSC board.

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Detailed Information About NYSC Batch C Stream II

The National Youth Service Corps “NYSC” introduced a way of classifying and grouping prospective Nysc youth corpers in “Batches” either batch A, B, and C, currently we have batches been distributed in Streams, Stream 1 and 2.

Many prospective corps members having received their call up letters were amazed and confused as to what they saw in days of reporting to camp for the orientation training are differentiated, Some are to report to their various orientation camps on the 4th and 5th of November 2014 for registration, While others are to report on the 26th and 27th November 2014, which brings more confusion among prospective corpers.

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