10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Skins You Can Buy

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The Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful looking phones ever made, and features some great internals as well. However, as beautiful as it is, it can get scratched rather easily, and if you don’t wish to use a case on your brand new device, you should definitely go for a skin. Not only does a skin protect your phone from scratches and dust, it also adds a lot of personality to your device. So, if you’re looking for a great skin for your Galaxy S8 Plus, here are the 10 best Galaxy S8 Plus skins you can buy:

1. dbrand Custom Skins for Galaxy S8 Plus

When it comes to skins, dbrand is a force to reckon with. The company has established itself firmly as one of the best places to buy skins for. The reason dbrand is such a well known brand is the skin designer tool. It’s responsive, and is very well designed. With dbrand you’ll get choices between different finishes, and multiple colour options. Plus, the skins are modular, so you get a different colour for the back, different colours and textures for each of the front bezels, and a custom skin even for the camera.

dbrand skins are made from the finest quality 3M materials, and use adhesives that do not leave behind any residue upon removal. So, if you get bored of the skin, you can remove it without worrying about any residue being left on your Galaxy S8 Plus.

Buy (up to $16.80)

2. Skinit Galaxy S8 Plus Custom Skins

If dbrand’s curation of textures, and colours are not to your liking, or if you just want a lot more customization, you can always check out these Skinit custom skins. Custom skins on Skinit start at $19.99, whereas the regular skins on their website go for $14.99. With Skinit, you can customize quite a bit about your S8+ skin, including any images you want on the skin, the text (along with the colour of the text), etc. Once you’re satisfied with the design, you can simply preview it, and add it to your cart.

Skinit custom skins are also made from premium quality materials, that will definitely make your phone look amazing while also protecting it from dirt and scratches. Also, the adhesive Skinit uses does not leave any residue upon removal, so you can easily swap out the older skin for a new one, without having to worry about having to clean your phone out first.

Buy (starting from $19.99)

3. Slickwraps Hero Series Skins for Galaxy S8 Plus

If you’re a fan of superheroes, and you want to show off your love for everything superhero-related, you should definitely check out the Slickwraps Hero Series skins for the Galaxy S8 Plus. These skins were created by Slickwraps in collaboration with well known designer Justin Maller, and feature superheroes like The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, etc. Personally, I like the Hulk skin, but obviously, you can choose whichever you want. The skins are made from high quality materials and the adhesive doesn’t leave any residue upon removal, so you can apply it without any worries.

Buy ($24.95)

4. Slickwraps Galactic Series Skins for Galaxy S8 Plus

Slickwraps and Justin Maller are like a match made in heaven. Slickwraps has expertise in making skins, and Justin Maller lends them his amazing designing prowess, giving birth to some of the coolest low-poly design skins I’ve seen. Plus, with Slickwraps “GOOF!” policy, if you accidentally mess up the installation of the skin, they’ll just send you another one for free, and I think that’s awesome! Slickwraps’ skins will really make your Galaxy S8 Plus stand out from the crowd, and that is saying something, seeing that the S8+ already does stand out by being as gorgeous as it is.

Buy ($24.95)

5. Skinit Van Gogh The Starry Night Skin for Galaxy S8 Plus

If you’re a fan of impressionist paintings, you must have heard of Van Gogh, and what better way to show off your love for the amazing artist, than by having a print of the Starry Night, one of the most famous paintings he made, as a skin on your Galaxy S8 Plus? The high quality print will definitely look amazing on your phone, and thanks to the quality of adhesive being used in the skin, you can remove it without leaving behind any residue at all. The skin is precision cut to perfectly fit the Galaxy S8 Plus so you wouldn’t have any problems with it.

Buy ($14.99)

6. Skinit The Joker Galaxy S8 Plus Skin

I don’t think there’s a single person who doesn’t absolutely love “The Joker”. One of the most iconic villains of all time, The Joker is definitely going to turn a lot of heads as your Galaxy S8 Plus skin. The skin is made out of premium decal material, and looks & feels amazing. Plus, the high quality adhesive ensures that there is no residue left upon removal… not that you’d want to remove this skin from your phone anyway.

Buy ($14.99)

7. Slickwraps Villain Series Skins for Galaxy S8 Plus

Talking about villains, Slickwraps and Justin Maller also collaborated to create some awesome Galaxy S8 Plus skins that feature iconic villains from the comic universe. There are four different skins in this series that you can choose from, and my personal favourite is the Heath Ledger version of the Joker. This design done in low-poly looks very awesome, and will definitely add a lot to your Galaxy S8 Plus. There are other skins that you can choose from as well, if your choice of favourite villains is different.

Buy ($24.95)

8. Slickwraps Helmetica Series Galaxy S8 Plus Skins

x heroes and villains isn’t your type of thing, you should definitely check out the Helmetica Series of Galaxy S8 Plus skins from Slickwraps. Made in collaboration with…you guessed it, Justin Maller – these skins feature low poly busts of iconic characters from pop culture. Characters like Jon Snow, Daredevil, and more feature in this series of Slickwraps skins for Galaxy S8 Plus. There are over 10 designs that you can choose from, and if you like pop culture characters, you’ll definitely find something to your liking in this series.

Buy ($24.95)

9. Skinit Deadpool Galaxy S8 Plus Skin

Deadpool fans rejoice! This Deadpool “Merch with a Mouth” skin for your Galaxy S8 Plus will definitely add a lot of awesomeness to your Galaxy S8 Plus. The skin is made out of the best quality decal materials, and Skinit uses high quality adhesive to ensure that there is no residue left on your phone if you ever decide to remove the skin. The skin is licensed from Marvel, and the Marvel logo is even present at the bottom of the case. Something I don’t really like, to be honest, but it’s there.

Buy ($14.99)

10. Slickwraps Animalactic Series Galaxy S8 Plus Skins

What do you think about animals done in low poly designs, with bright contrasting colours? if you think that’s something you’ll like, you’re in luck, because Slickwraps and Justin Maller have just the collection of skins for you. The Animalactic series of Galaxy S8 Plus skins from Slickwraps contains low poly designs of 10 different animals done so well that you’ll definitely love them. The designs are eccentric, yet somehow very normal, and they’ll definitely make your phone look a lot more intriguing, and gorgeous.

Buy ($24.95)

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Use These Galaxy S8 Plus Skins on Your Phone

While there is no doubt that the Galaxy S8 Plus looks amazing as it is, adding a skin to your device can add a lot of personality into the phone, and make it uniquely yours. Also, skins protect the device from dust and scratches, without adding bulk to the device, that even the slimmest of cases will add. Thanks to the no-residue adhesive that is used in these Galaxy S8 Plus skins, you can easily install and remove the skin as you see fit, and can use as many different skins on your phone as you like, without messing up that beautiful metal and glass body. So, are you planning on getting a skin for your Galaxy S8 Plus, or do you prefer using a case, or keeping your phone au naturel? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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