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Choosing the right video editing software is essential for creating dynamic videos with stylish looks. Different options are available in the market, but finding one that is beginner-friendly and contains all the necessary advanced features is challenging.

In this context, Wondershare Filmora has always been a good choice. The software offers many advanced, standard-level features both professional editors and beginners can use, but it could use some improvements in some aspects.

If you are wondering when you will see these changes, the new Filmora 12 version will potentially come with many optimizations for a better and smoother video editing experience.

In this post, we shall detail them further- read ahead.

Wondershare Filmora 12- How is it better?

Wondershare Filmora 12 is the brand’s new video editing program, set to release to the masses in 2023. The software will still have the features of the previous Filmora version that users found valuable, like the easy drag-and-drop interface functionality and clean UI.

While the updated features from previous versions, like Auto Beat Sync and Instant Mode, will still stay in version 12, more advanced functions will be added. For example, the Denoise function has gotten an AI-based upgradation, where the software will now automatically detect and control the loud sound levels, reducing aspects like hissing sounds.

Best Upcoming Features to See in Filmora

Wondershare Filmora 12 will have many high-grade features for different types of users who need video editing work, like freelancers and vloggers. The following are some of the best features you can expect from the new version of the video editing software.

1. Switchable Workspace Layouts

A significant aspect of the new Filmora editing software version is the ability to change your workspace structure based on your requirements. Five different preset layouts are available for workspace design that work well for different workflow styles and monitor screen structures.

You can choose between layouts based on what suits your editing needs best, like the Dual Monitor option that allows media playback on another external monitor.

2. Multiple Platform Support

One of the best benefits you can expect from using Filmora is the cross-platform support that the software assures. Indeed, both Windows and Mac users can download and use this video editor to make changes to their video projects from any location.

Multiple Platform Support

Users will get integrated cloud support for Filmora Workspace when operating Filmora 12. So, with the help of this function, one can quickly transfer their videos to the connected mobile device from the desktop-based editor. After that, make further edits to the video on the other device.

3. Video Review and Collaboration

Filmora 12 will prove to be a suitable software of choice for video editors working on one project together. This is because the software will have the seamless sharing ability for easier collaboration for entire teams. For people working with freelancers on different projects, the project managers can benefit from this feature to keep track of all the other professionals via Filmora 12.

Video Review and Collaboration

With this function, it is simple to share the videos with proper data security in place and even invite other users to answer inserted comments on the projects. The invited parties can also insert time-coded notes, all possible due to the availability of Filmora Workspace.

4. Assets backup & sync

Another high-quality benefit Filmora 12 software users will experience is better management of their media files. With only the Wondershare ID, you can back up all of the media files you import into the platforms, effects from the list you favorite, project files, custom-created titles, and more.

Assets backup & sync

This is useful to ensure you do not lose any critical clips or assets each time you open the software for a new project.

5. Enhanced Keyframe

Filmora 11 did have a capable keyframe adjustment feature that users found very valuable for changing video elements based on their keyframe structures. On the other hand, Filmora has further enhanced the previous version to include more benefits to users through keyframing control and adjustments.

Enhanced Keyframe

Users can use the various editing parameters in the Enhanced Keyframe section in Filmora 12, with extra color correction and filter options. Plus, you can easily change multiple standard video factors, like the scale of the elements in the clip, rotation, and positioning.

6. Revamped Effects Library

One of the most significant changes in the Filmora 12 version is adding more effects in the Effects library on the editor. Different styles and templates are available for choice under other tabs, like Titles, Audio, and more. In the Effects tab directly, you will see more categories available, including more effect options under each category, like LUT, AI Stickers, and more.

in the effects tab

Tech Specifications of Filmora 12

While focusing on the changes in Filmora 12 and considering if you should use it, many people only take the time to understand the feature list. On the other hand, it is crucial to know the different devices that will allow the launch of the software in the first place.

Filmora 12 will run on Windows and Mac computers. The following are some basic specifications regarding the device support concerns.


Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7 users can try it.

  • RAM- 4 GB of RAM for regular use and 8GB of RAM for HD-4K editing.
  • Graphics- AMD Radeon RZ, Intel HD Graphics 5000, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700

macOS 10.14, 11, 10.15, and 12 version users can use the software.

  • RAM- Generally, 8 GB of RAM is suitable, or 16 GB of RAM is required for HD or 4K-level editing.
  • Graphics- AMD Radeon RZ, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700, Intel HD Graphics 5000.

Price Breakdown

The following are the price-related options you will get for available Filmora 12:

  • Filmora (only): Annual- USD 49.99, Perpetual- USD 69.99, Cross-Platform- USD 79.99
  • Filmora + Filmstock Package: Same cost for Cross-Platform, Annual, and Perpetual packages + USD 28.99 for adding Filmstock.

How had Filmora Improved Over Its Competitors?

Wondershare had produced the Filmora 12 version, adding many improvements from the previous version. While Filmora 11 is a capable video editing program for new editors, other software options for PowerDirector and Adobe Premiere provide better functions in some aspects.

The new Filmora 12 version eradicates those problem areas, like improving the keyframing process to include more parameters and color adjustment-related aspects. Such features are on par with others like Premiere Pro in this version.

About Wondershare

Since its release in 2003, Wondershare has focused on giving editors and digital content creators new outlets to expand their skill sets. The software options the brand has released have features suitable for different levels of video, audio, and other media file editing work.


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