What Does ‘WBY’ Mean on Snapchat (Explained with Examples)

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Snapchat is growing in popularity with each passing day. It has recently crossed 750 million active users, and the company expects to reach over 1 billion in the coming years.

With such numbers, we can easily assume that almost everyone uses Snapchat. From teenagers to young adults, everyone uses this app to exchange snaps and have fun.

Like every other social networking platform, acronyms and abbreviations were excessively used on Snapchat. Yes, most of the acronyms used on Snapchat needs no explanation as they are easy to understand, but some rare one can be confusing.

Recently, the ‘WBY’ abbreviation has been confusing many Snapchat users. Users have no clue what ‘WBY’ mean on Snapchat and how to use it. Hence, below, we have explained what does WBY means on Snapchat, along with a few examples.

What Does WBY Mean on Snapchat?

WBY is an abbreviation used on Snapchat and other similar platforms. It means what ’bout you or What about you? It’s one of the most common abbreviations on social networking and instant messaging apps.

We have termed ‘WBY’ as an abbreviation because of the ‘B’ word. The B word essentially means ‘About’, and hence., it’s an abbreviation, not an acronym. An acronym is formed from the first letter of each word, whereas an abbreviation is a shortened word form.

If someone sends you ‘WBY’ on Snapchat, the senders want to know about you. WBY is not only famous on Snapchat but also on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc.

What Does WBY Mean on WhatsApp?

Well, the meaning of WBY on every platform remains the same. Since WhatsApp is a text-based app, you will find people using ‘WBY’ more on WhatsApp than on Snapchat.

The meaning of WBY on WhatsApp is ‘What About You’, and it simply means that the sender is interested to know about you.

How to use WBY on Chat?

Now that you know WBY Meaning in chat, you may want to know how to use it. You can use it on any chat app where you want to know about the other person. Below, we have shared a few examples to help you reply with WBY in chat.

Jorge: Hey Dan! What are you doing today? Are you alright?

Dan: Hi Jorge! Yes, I’m absolutely fine. WBY?

In the above example, Dan is telling Jorge that he is absolutely fine and wants to know about Jorge.

Riley: Hey Emma, I am wearing a blue dress at the party. WBY?

Emma: Oh, that would look nice. I’m wearing my mom’s red gown. Is it nice?

In the above example, Riley wants to know what Emma is wearing at the party.

Ivan: Hey Gilbert, I think she should leave the job! WBY?

Gilbert: No! She should learn how to adjust.

In the above example, Ivan asks Gilbert to share his opinion.

So, these are some examples of WBY on Snapchat. You can use this on chat to know about the other person. It’s a very common Snapchat acronym used by thousands of users.

Other Acronyms & Abbreviations used on Snapchat

Like the WBY, there are other acronyms and abbreviations used on Snapchat. While we have discussed some of the most common acronyms & abbreviations, there are many more available.

HRU: How are You?

WTM: What’s the matter?

SFS: Snap for Snap

FS: For Sure

NVM: Not Very Much

BRB: Be Right Back

F&A: Forever & Always

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So, this is what WBY means on Snapchat. We have explained the meaning of WBY on chat, along with a few examples. If you need more help understanding WBY on chat, let us know in the comments. Also, if this article helped you, share it with your friends.


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