How To Get Free Etisalat 500MB On Your Android

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Etisalat gives free 500mb for every new Infinix Zero device purchased and the free 500mb very month. The trick here is, we are going to make them think we’re using a new infinix zero phone by changing our android device Imei number to that of the new Infinix zero Imei which is usually 15 digits.

 How to Get Free 5OOMB From Etisalat

To get the free 500mb from etisalat you would need to follow the steps below:

  • Generating the IMEI
  • Flashing the IMEI
  • Getting your MB

1. Generating The IMEI:

For this tweak you’ll need just the first 8 digits of the imei. The first 8 digits are 35585906. remains 7 digits right? out of the 7 digits, you put any 6 digits you like e.g 123456. This makes up 14 digits. The last digit is crucial for the validity of your tweaked IMEI. you don’t just put any digit. That’s where this site comes in to generate imei Here. That last digit is called the check digit and it is generated from that site. whatever digit it displays is your last digit. So after all the story, my imei is  35585906123456X and x is the check digit. When I checked it using that site, my X turned out to be 3 so IMEI = 355859061224563

2. Flashing The IMEI:  flash the imei on your mtk phone (or any other phone that support changing IMEI) For mtk phones, it’s easy check online

3. Getting Your MB: Get your 500mb. you do this by sending MID to 8186 as Text message.

See screenshot below:


You get free 500Mb for 12 months. Enjoy While it last!!


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  1. please please, if you want to help us, help us, because the IMEI u said you used is invalid, i checked it online and it was invalid, also IMEI beginning with 35585906 is for mostly HTC One

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