New Airtel Android Bundle Plan At N2000 For 4GB Valid For 60Days

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AirtelMany Airtel subscribers were heartbroken due to the fact Airtel ended their 4GB for 1500 promo which was quite economical and very affordable for the average Nigerians who can’t afford the outrageous cost of Internet data plans in the country. Android users are ones caught up in the struggle of cheap and affordable internet data plans. Because mostly everyone got an Android device and the cost of subscription is quite expensive. I actually got great news for Airtel subscribers, Airtel got a new Android bundle at N2000 for 4GB valid for 60 days.

Airtel just sent me a text message few minutes ago before composing this article saying “Specially for you, Dial *437*1# for the Android bundle at N2000 to get 4GB, valid for 60 days”


How to Subscribe for New Android bundle

  • Simply dial the code *437*1# to know if your Airtel sim is eligible or qualified for this plan
    Note: you don’t need to necessarily have N2000 on your account to test if it is going to work on your sim.
  • If your Airtel sim is eligible you would get this message after dialing the code “Dear customer, you do not have sufficient balance for this plan”


  • Then you can load N2000 and subscribe for the plan. It works across all devices, android, iPhone, Symbian, Pc
    But if after dialing the code, you get this message “Dear customer, you do not qualify for this plan”


  • Am sorry this plan can’t work for you, but you can always try other Airtel Sims at your disposal, definitely one would turn up for you.

Promise would work on finding a way to make this new Airtel Android bundle plan eligible for everyone to be qualified to subscribe. Because this Android bundle plan is actually the cheapest data plan in the country. I am current flexing this New Airtel Android bundle plan on my Samsung galaxy S4.

Do have a full-filled Holidays!!!


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