Google Bard To Get More ‘Capable’ Language Model Next Week

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed some new details about its AI chatbot Bard’s language model upgrades in a podcast. The company’s CEO also explained some other things.

While Google’s experimental AI chatbot Bard already faced criticism multiple times due to different factors, and now, Google may not focus on rival ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing chatbot.

Google Bard’s Language Model Update: All Details

All those details came out from an interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai that was done by The New York Times in its Hard Fork podcast.

Let’s start with Pichai’s first statement in which he said, “We clearly have more capable models,” which means the company was already preparing a better language model for its AI chatbot.

Because if you remember, when the company released its first promotional video so it faced a huge loss and a negative impact on Bard’s market image as there was a mistake in its result.

Currently, this chatbot is behind its first public testing and running on the LaMDA language model, which is a smoother and more efficient version, but this AI language model is more focused on delivering dialog.

And on the other side, there’s the PaLM model, which Google claimed to be more capable than prior in terms of dealing with tasks like common-sense reasoning and coding problems.

However, Pichai confirmed that the language model upgrade we are going to get in Bard includes a more capable AI language model from the PaLM language model, and he also noted some of its capabilities.

As this AI language model will bring more reasoning to its reply, it can answer maths questions better and actually can solve coding queries.

We are going to see these upgrades in the Bard maybe by the next week, as Pichai gives a timeline of just a week for it.

Separately, the company’s CEO hasn’t said anything about their rivals but expressed that the competition doesn’t matter to them even though they launched their chatbot later than theirs; they are only aiming to make it better.


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