Here Are The Best Apps For Avid Hikers

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Going in search of new adventures, experienced tourists take care to make their stay on the road more comfortable. Action cameras, trackers, walkie-talkies, camping tents, portable power stations, etc. – these devices help to make the trip more enjoyable, comfortable, and safe. For more information, see keepitportable.

But the most important thing for avid hikers is not to get lost. Here, special applications come to the rescue. They allow you to set a route and go back to the starting point.

GPS Tracker

The app displays your current location on the map based on signals from the A-GPS unit built into your smartphone. The utility allows you to record the trajectory of movement when working in the background. The calculated route will help to return to the starting point, has audible signals when the deviation of the direction of. When moving, the latitude and longitude are specified in degrees and minutes, and information is displayed in the UTM-WSG84 standard (used on paper maps).

The track is recorded in the smartphone’s memory, and the altitude control function is provided. The user can upload statistics that contain information about the travel time or the difference in altitude at the beginning and end of the route. The A-GPS controller receives information from the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo navigation satellites. The received information is processed and then used by the program to display the location point on the map.

Spyglass application

The Spyglass utility is designed to determine location coordinates based on signals from satellites. The software allows you to define the distance to buildings, provides a function of the air horizon and goniometer; it is possible to track stars and objects in the solar system. The built-in compass is calibrated to increase measurement accuracy. The utility supports determining the current speed or altitude of the position above sea level. You can convert units of measurement to different formats.

The app supports navigation by stars, and you can switch the compass to the car or manual mode. The user can add points at a distance – the utility automatically plots the route. The basic version is distributed free of charge. There are modifications with advanced functionality that require the purchase of a license (perpetual).

Alpinequest Off Road Explorer

The app is designed for orientation on the terrain or water surface. To ensure performance, you need to load the maps into the smartphone memory. Route display is supported by GPS signals. To specify the direction of movement, a magnetic compass is used, and the current location of the user is displayed on the map. It has the function to record waypoints, information on the latitude and longitude is transmitted by broadcast SMS messages.

The program allows you to record tracks and build graphs that can be used to determine the average speed or elevation changes in the area where the user was moving. You can build routes in mountainous or wooded areas. The app provides a return mode to the starting point. The basic Lite version does not require a license; modifications with advanced features are distributed on a paid basis.

Location Detector GPS

The utility is distributed for free. The program allows you to build trajectories of movement in offline mode. Commutation to the Internet is required to update maps or download ready routes. There is a database with speed cameras, which is updated by users. The function of the independent addition of information about cameras is provided.

The utility shall build rectangular trajectories that lead the user to previously saved points. The map or coordinate input may be used for adding new points. A built-in compass with an arrow displayed on the screen improves orientation in a dense forest area. You can send messages about your current location with latitude and longitude via social networks (you need to switch to the Internet) or via SMS notifications.

Viewranger GPS

The program works on signals from navigation satellites, no Internet connection is required. OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap maps are used to display routes. Some information is only available for an additional fee. The user can create their own driving routes or download ready-made trajectories. The built-in compass is used to determine distances and calculate time, and the route is linked to attractions.

The app allows you to record routes that are then freely available to other users. There are modes for adding photos from Flickr and Instagram, and functions for determining the speed or height of route points above sea level. The developer has provided an additional power-saving mode that allows you to increase the operating time of your smartphone.

Maps Me

The free Make Me utility does not require a permanent Internet connection. The GPS controller installed in smartphones is used to determine coordinates. The app allows you to book hotel rooms (requires Internet connection), translates the coordinates of the user’s location to social networks, or by sending SMS messages.

When driving in areas where it is difficult to receive signals from GPS satellites, communication breaks and incorrect route determination may occur. The program is recommended for traveling in cities or woodlands with a small area. There is a function for updating maps based on information uploaded by other users (for example, roads or cafes that are being repaired). There is a mode for sending coordinates of interesting places to friends (by sending SMS notifications).


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