How Fast Broadband Has Transformed Business During Lockdown

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The Internet is going crazy! And, no, I’m not talking about the people on the Internet going nuts over yet another funny meme. I’m talking about the actual notion of the Internet itself. Think cables, technology, set ups, routers, everything… everything is going crazy with speed.

To put things simply, as the whole world is in a lockdown due to the pandemic, the Internet is actually reaching a full on Sonic the Hedgehog speed mode. All thanks to the super, ultra, mega, hyper fast broadband that we have on our hands. As you can see at, the world isn’t joking about this and we could argue that this is the one good thing that the lockdown has brought about.

While I’m finding it rather difficult to simply focus on the positive while in lockdown, as I suppose most people are, the truth is that I was able to find a silver lining. And, I suppose that most people did too, since they all got to stop complaining about the speed of their Internet. Having to spend the best possible binge-watching opportunity on cursing at your browser is definitely frustrating.

Well, luckily, there’s no need to get that frustrated any more, since the hyper fast broadband that I am talking about has made us all extremely happy with the speed of our Internet connections. Yet, I’m not here to talk about how this has affected your binge-watching and habits. Netflix can wait for a while, since we do have more important matters to tend to.

I’m talking businesses. If there’s one group of people that has majorly benefited from the newly found fast broadband, then that’s the group of business owners. Adjusting to working from home was difficult enough for them and their employees and things were definitely much trickier for all of those who had to deal with lousy connection speeds. And yet, companies were almost forced to turn digital, as explained by this useful source, which made it rather difficult to ignore those speeds.

Fortunately for everyone, the IT experts weren’t spending their time in lockdown binge-watching their favorite shows and we are all rather thankful for that. Instead, their skills and expertise were used to design and make hyper fast broadband accessible to everyone. Basically, IT experts saved your business’s butt and let me quickly tell you how.

Increased Productivity

Faster broadband is allowing all your employees to be far more productive than they would have been if they had to deal with those not-so-great speeds. Just imagine how much more work people can actually do when their connections aren’t slow. If nothing else, they’ll spend much less time cursing and much more time working, which is a productivity increase right there. I’m guessing that business owners across the globe are all happy about this.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

Employees are happy too, you know? Instead of spending a huge amount of their time trying to complete one simple task, they can now have their work done much quicker. Since faster broadband is allowing them to be more productive, it’s at the same time allowing them to organize their shifts much better and have enough free time on their hands. Basically, remote working has turned from a nightmare into a win-win situation both for employers and employees. All thanks to fast broadband and those IT guys that don’t engage in binge-watching.

Enhanced Cloud Computing

I’m guessing that most businesses use one cloud computing service or another. It allows them to share, back up, and keep all their data safe. Not to mention the fact that cloud computing services actually reduce the investments that might otherwise have to be made for various hardware and software solutions. Faster broadband makes cloud computing services much easier to use, once again, to everyone’s satisfaction. Who would have thought that the lockdown could make the Internet stronger than it was?

Enhanced Communication

Finally, faster broadband is making communication rather easy. I’m not talking only about the communication among employees, but also between business employees and clients. This is making both the clients and the employees rather happy, which is, in turn, also making businesses happy and successful. Long live fast broadband, am I right?


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