How Sports Sites Can Attract Users

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Content Matters

You can own prime real estate in central Manhattan but if the only thing you are selling is paper clips, chances are you won’t last very long. The same can be said for opening up a stand serving the greatest lemonade the world has ever tasted but if you do so at the North Pole, you will get zero traffic and you might just catch a serious cold!

So, the key is to provide quality material and familiarize yourself with the tricks of the trade like search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and email marketing. Sports sites are among the most highly frequented and despite the fierce competition in that particular market, the rewards can be handsome.

Ultimately, it is all about the content, like that found on This is a site that not only features odds on every sporting event but boasts unique articles on each game where the writer predicts the results of that matchup. It is unique in that it focuses on sports with a betting angle to it while also boasting lively and heavily frequented forums where members can express their opinions.

And while writing about sports can initially get you eyeballs on the page if you have a savvy marketing plan to drive traffic, the content must be compelling. You need informative material produced by clever writers to provide creative and compelling content, otherwise, your site will be a one and done with those who visit. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. 

Make it Fresh

We’ve all visited stale sites. Somehow, someway, we stumble down an internet rabbit hole and find ourselves staring at the front page of a site whose last blog post or article was from three months ago. Right away we click the X in the right-hand corner and move on, never to visit again. 

It is also important not to copy and paste articles from sites you’ve visited and claimed it as your own. First and foremost, it’s most likely copyrighted and protected which will get you a cease and desist letter to frame on your wall but it is also lazy. Sports websites need to be informative and give users unique content in the form of videos, blogs, and articles they can get nowhere else. 

Instead of regurgitating news, engage your readers by providing opinions and welcome your audience to respond in kind. The interaction between the site and your audience can keep them digitally glued to you and become a source of referrals which will build your traffic and enhance the user’s experience. If possible, solicit opinions from industry experts and report what they say when asked specific questions relating to your current topic. Always keep it fresh, fun, and inviting for the users so that your site becomes a daily routine for them. 

Your Site Should be a Wide Receiver Not a Defensive Tackle

Bandwidth is the name of the game. It costs money but not having enough will cost you even more. If a page is too slow to load, especially these days, then your audience will not wait. Popup ads generate revenue but they also slow down the site and can tarnish the experience for the user if there are too many at once. Some would say one is too many but we all need ad revenue in order to maintain the site and make a profit.

According to data from Strange Loop, a one-second delay in loading can produce a seven percent loss in conversions! And if you think that’s bad, if the page takes three seconds to load a stunning 40 percent jump ship and move on in which 80 percent of them will never return to your site. 

Yes, time is definitely money and this has to be taken into consideration when getting your sports site up and running. And as important as it is to consider SEO keywords, the content must first be written for the reader and not the algorithms of the search engines. A clever writer or editor can weave the keywords into the heart of the story without it appearing forced or crow-barred. If you reflect on what is important to you when searching for sports content and incorporate that into your own site, you will be pleased with the results!


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