How to Arrange Parking Spots and Make Money From It

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To prepare a parking space, entrepreneurs must consider the market for business. Investing in parking is a lucrative business because parking is offset by increasing demand for space for cars, becoming a business opportunity that arises with the increasing number of cars and other factors related to insecurity and more and more stolen vehicles.

Demand for parking is also increasingly crowded, especially in big cities, places where drivers usually park their cars away from the places they need or even far from work and often in unsafe places.

In addition, when leaving your car parked on public roads, you run the risk of robbery, damage to cars by passers-by, car paint damaged for a long time in the sun and very uncomfortable to get a car on a rainy day. Therefore, spending on parking has become a necessity for those who need to drive around and keep their cars safe. Because of all the factors mentioned above, this company model has become one of the most profitable and one of the most sought after.


It is important that your future parking location is right where there are no available spaces on the nearby streets. Another tip is to choose a place that is clearly visible to customers, which everyone has easy access to.

The perfect location for a car park that works for workers and not just buyers is close to the office and a large number of commercial outlets. Do good research in your city and if possible visit the traffic department to find the ideal place.

It is very interesting to hire a security company to monitor the vehicle, after all, you will be responsible if something happens. The parking lot might also be located in a residential area that serves condos, which would be a good business opportunity for entrepreneurs. You are also advised to maintain employee discipline with the latest software, such as time tracking software.

Business Tips

To make loyal customers, a parking space can be found in condos, which can form a contract system where residents can receive monthly or bi-weekly rent.

Businesses can also operate in companies; to carry out activities in this way, the parking lot must win a contract or tender to provide their services in a public or private company. This system also represents a profitable niche market.

Parking space advertising is important and one of the most effective ways to advertise is, without doubt, through pamphlets.

So we see that a parking lot can work independently of companies with their own location or rented, can be located in condominium houses and apartments can be located underground public or private companies or can also work in shopping centers.

Services offered in the parking lot

Regardless of the location and contract system, parking spaces must be superior in the quality of services offered, knowing that competition is very fierce and only parking spaces that guarantee first-class service and safety are won. A tip for attracting customers is to offer car wash and car wax services.

The choice of parking services can be exclusive for events. This parking style requires greater training from work teams that can be hired on-demand but must be of high quality. This service is usually rented by the event organizer and will require servant services, good service, security, and a fixed amount for the event.

In addition to the services mentioned above, there are also exclusive services for restaurants or night clubs, which generally work under contracts between employers and night clubs or restaurants.

Care must be taken to avoid inconvenience and complaints within a competent body, therefore, always instructing the work team to always provide proof of delivery or payment with the time of entry and exit of the vehicle.


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