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Do you live in a building, condominium, private neighborhood or housing complex where hundreds of cars enter daily and want to control them? Do you have problems with vehicles that park you instead? Is there an overpopulation of other people’s cars that occupy the entire parking lot? Need a good solution?

In fact, there are multiple reasons why at some point you should visit people or companies that live or are located in a building, condominium or complex with private parking. It is increasingly common to be recommended to stop outside the complex or building because there are no places available at the destination.

The constant growth of the automotive fleet has saturated the use of private parking for public or shared use. The administrators and commissions of owners face constant complaints about this issue and the control of vehicular access is a subject under constant evaluation.

The park system software is designed to ensure the proper use of the parking lot and provide access to those who are duly authorized, favoring a rational use of the parking lot.

We share here some useful tips that help improve the living and good use of the parking of your building, condominium or private neighborhood.

The following points arise from our experience in the implementation of systems for the management of vehicular accesses and the observation of the different uses and applications that our clients give them.

1) Limit the number of spaces for visits

The spaces destined for the visits of your complex, building or condominium must be used solely and exclusively for this purpose. The inhabitants of the complex or condominium should not use these places on a regular basis. 

2) Be up to date with common expenses and expenses, something very important!

The proper use and maintenance of public spaces and parking is everyone’s responsibility. An intelligent system in the management of vehicular access allows that from the central administration the information of those who have outstanding debts and faults is loaded. The system assigns an access rule that denies access to the vehicle according to severity level and does not depend on a human operation or arrangement for interaction.

3) Opportunity to provide more service and save for the benefit of all

There are cases where some owners, local or inhabitant is willing to pay an extra charge for having the benefit of having preferential places during the day or certain times. Through pay and display machines, you can manage and expressly record each entry and exit, and thus provide a better service and that extra charge is turned to maintenance and better parking spaces.

4) Charge a fine or surcharge to those who use parking outside the rules.

According to the regulations governing each building or condominium, spaces may be limited to not being occupied for a continuous period of more than X hours, they may be used exclusively or for visitors, loading and unloading areas, etc.


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