Open a car park: everything you need to know

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In the cities, one of the most felt problems regards the parking of cars. People continue to prefer their own means of transport over those made available by public transport and this generates traffic but above all difficulties in finding a place to leave the car.

Opening a car park, therefore, means giving an answer to the many people who have to move around the city without knowing where to store the vehicle in the hours when it is in the office or in any case when not using the car.

Building a private facility, not only in urban areas but also near ports, airports and railway stations allows motorists to have important support. There is certainly no lack of competition but parking seems never to be enough and they are also a good source of income.

The growing demand allows the owner of a company operating in the sector to ensure a constant income, however, it is good to keep in mind that the road ahead is complex.

It is certainly not impossible to deal with bureaucracy, but it is advisable to know that there are several regulations in this regard that ask for specific requirements and above all procedures to be followed scrupulously. A municipal authorization is required to be able to work offering this type of service.

The help of an accountant is essential to be able to examine the legal requirements and fill in the necessary documentation to be sent to the various competent offices, starting from the Municipality.

The professional can deal directly with the bureaucracy and provide advice for the preparation of the business plan. Before starting to build the business, a thorough study must be carried out on the market to which it refers, on the presence of competitors with a focus on the various services they offer, car park solutions, on the habits and needs of the local population or visitors. At this point, the data necessary to know the sector are obtained.

This proceeds to the definition of the objectives, to the identification of the actions to be performed with the relative timing. A calculation of the expected expenses and possible revenues is carried out in order to verify the convenience of opening the parking lot. If you want to proceed at that point, start the process by finding the area and responding to the various obligations provided for by current legislation for this type of activity.

The laws governing private parking areas are many and indicate the behavior to be followed in various situations. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the type of service offered between outdoor or covered parking, but generally, to open parking you need to open a garage for which specific authorizations are required.

The property represents a fundamental element for the application of regulations. The size must be specified and a structure whose intended use is compatible with the creation of parking spaces must be chosen.

It is, therefore, necessary to decide whether you want more floors or just the street level. Better to interface immediately with the Municipality to check the Master Plan and know exactly where and how the parking area can be built. The body is responsible for issuing authorizations for the opening of the paid facility, including the concession for the use of public land.


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