How To Choose A Secure Digital Card

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memory cardMany gadgets users underestimate the role a good memory card play in their gadgets. It is used in portable devices like cameras, phones, laptops, camcorders, and e-books amongst others. First, what is the function of a memory card or secure digital card? The major function of a memory card is to store files from pictures to music and videos. It stores them all. It comes in different ranges from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. However, these files can easily be corrupted if the card is a counterfeit. Hence, jeopardizing your files and data. Therefore, it is important you select a very good memory card or secure digital card (SD card)., Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal suggests ways of choosing a very good memory card.


Before, you buy any Secure Digital card, you must check if the SD card you want to buy is compatibility with your device. This means that you must go to the mall or store with your gadget or device. This will help avoid any kind of disappointment when you want to insert the card. In addition, it is advisable not to patronize touts. They can sell a fake Secure Digital Card to you. Compatible.

Physical Size

Memory cards comes in different sizes. This is one of the features that a buyer must consider before buying a card. SD cards built in three major sizes ranging from 32 x 24 mm (small), 21.5 x 20 mm (smaller) and 11 x 15 mm (smallest). This is not surprising because Technology outfits are now gravitating towards miniature technologies.


The speed of the card is probably one of the most important feature to consider before buying it. The speed ratings are clearly written the memory card. So, before selecting one, it is essential that you choose a speed rating that is well-suited for your device. The speed ratings are 2 MB/sec, 4 MB/sec, 6 MB/sec, and 10MB/sec The 2 MB/sec write speed at 2 megabytes per second.

Storage Capacity

For example, a 4GB card can hold 40 minutes of high definition videos, close to 1540 photos, and a mouth-watering 68 hours of music. Therefore, you have fairly understand that different memory cards have different functions and know what kind of job your device does. If you are a photographer, a 2 GB or 4 GB memory card would not serve you, it better to go for the 32 or 64 GB.


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