Steps On How To Activate Jumia Free 3GB Data If You Got Your Device Via Jumia

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The jumia free 3GB data from Mtn for those who bought mobile phones during the jumia mobile week megathon has  really not been implement and the free 3GB has not been given. This recently arouse lots of fans complaining that the jumia free 3GB is absolutely fake and scam from jumia.

I wrote this particular article to actually tell you guys its not true, i know some who got the free 3GB data from Mtn and others who didnt get the free 3GB. Below are detailed steps on how to activate the free 3GB data from Mtn.

  • What’s exactly included in the data plan?

    3GB of data + 6 months free whatsapp + 1 month free Music Plus App + 100% bonus on 260MB recharge and above during 12 months + FREE MTN SIM

  • How do I know if I am eligible for the promotion?

    • if you have purchased your device between the 1st and the 7th of June during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, you are eligible for this.
      The promotion is attached to the device, so once you receive it, don’t activate any other promotion/package if your preference is the one stated stated, as no device can have more than one data package at the same time.

    • How much time do I have to activate it?

      Offer will be available for activation until the 21st of June.

    • How do I activate the data?

      Send an SMS with the text “FREE” to 131. You will receive a confirmation message within minutes.

  • If I use my old SIM card, can I still activate the promotion?

    Yes, promotion is attached to the device, not to the SIM so text “FREE” to 131 from your new device and it will be activated.

  • When is my data going to be activated?

    • The data plan will be activated within the next 24 hours.

What if I’ve Done The Above & The Data isn’t Activated?

Kindly send your phone IMEI & phone number to service @ and you’ll be attended to.

Note: After 21st of June, 2015 you won’t be able to activate the 3GB data again on your new devices.

I hope this will help you with your data activation so you can enjoy your 3Gb data, Jumia cares


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3 thoughts on “Steps On How To Activate Jumia Free 3GB Data If You Got Your Device Via Jumia”

  1. Hi Larious, thanks for d tip, well I got my phone from Jumia on the 3rd of this month, nd since then been battling with getting the supposed 3GB data, OK I sent free to 131 nd nothing came, I went ahead to call MTN C.S and was told to send Jumia to 131, same old story, so I decided to call Jumia and ofcos I was asked to send ma imei number via mail, wich I did, I received a call from them the next day nd was told to be patient for 5days nd that it will be automatically updated, well it’s past 5days now nd I have gotten nothing. I just realized it’s not worth it… How do I keep stressing my self for something that was meant to be free.. So here is ma conclusion a lot of Pple will still not get the data, nd I will still say it is a scam of course because I did not get mine. Why shldnt it have been automatic activation like u insert the new sim in d new phone nd Bingo ur data comes up? Why do we have to spend extra money calling Jumia C.S nd keep complaining? It really shld not be so.


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