How to download popular videos from Facebook on iPhone and Android

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Visual content is the main trend of 2022. More and more ordinary people and businesses are shooting videos instead of taking photos and captioning them with text. There are millions of clips on social networks on a variety of topics, many professionally filmed, while others are clearly amateur. Be that as it may, sometimes we want not just to watch and like, but to keep this digital material for ourselves. Let’s look at how this can be done, regardless of your type of electronic device.

Bigbangram – the best content saving tool

When I wrote this article, I analyzed a lot of online materials. You can find a bunch of instructions on how to save videos and photos. But the truth is that they are all quite complex and require the installation of additional software. For myself, I found a simple Facebook video downloader. This is a free tool from the developer company called Bigbangram. Today it is an ideal way to get any video from social networks without thinking about your operating system and electronic device model. Finally, there’s something in common for the army of Apple fans and Android owners.

To download Facebook videos, you just need to copy the link to the post where the file is located. If you are viewing in a browser, simply highlight the contents of the address bar and press Ctrl+C (or Cmd if you have a MacBook). After that, go to the Bigbangram website and paste the link into the line on the main page (Ctrl + V, if anyone is not in the know). No need to wait for a long time, the file will be automatically downloaded in half a minute.

Here are 5 reasons why I love this service:

  1. It’s super easy to use
  2. You don’t need to install any additional software
  3. It does not “eat up” the device’s RAM
  4. All files are available in original quality
  5. No need to register and create personal accounts

In general, if you value simplicity and convenience, this is definitely for you. And how to dispose of saved files? Decide for yourself! In fact, you can do anything. If we are not talking about commercial use, then forward them to your friends by e-mail or in messengers that are convenient for you. Post videos on your Facebook page, or publish them on your Instagram profile.

If you need to apply someone’s video in an ad, you can do that too. But it’s best to contact the author of the digital content to avoid being accused of copyright infringement. It can also be a great option for brands to use user-generated content on their page to increase audience engagement. There are many ideas, it all depends on your imagination. And the best thing is that with this simple tool, you can spend time on creativity and not technical tricks to download a file. I hope, this piece was useful. Enjoy Facebook videos, as this social network is an unlimited source of true inspiration.



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