How To Make 500 -1000 Dollars Fast – White Hat Method

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How To Make 500 -1000 Dollars Fast – White Hat Method – I got this method from a group that I am participating in, several guys were using this method, and I tried it before posting it to here.

So if you can’t make it work it’s your issue. Method Tested and 100% was working if you follow the steps carefully (Very Easy).

First of all, I wish I would answer that ton of emails one by one, but it looks impossible, I have responded to several emails however I can not explain them all, so I decided to share my method directly here.

So you would not need to ask my method via my email. For any questions, you can send them here, and I will try to answer them when I will have time for it.

This legit method that makes me between $500-$1000 every day that I use the technique (According to my budget)

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This method is not related nor similar to Western Union, CC, Bank Transfer or any other transfer bullshit that scammers use.

To use this method, you need to have around $500-600 to deposit on the website and buy the script that will make you money

I am not affiliated either with website nor script seller. I use his script to make money.

This method runs on autopilot however you need to know where to stop, don’t be greedy, or you lose your money. I wish I were the owner of Bustadice, but I am not.

STEP By STEP Explanation

1) Register to

2) Deposit some money to (Try to deposit $300+)

3) Purchase Bustmasters script from

(Both scripts work for me if you will deposit more than $1000 to dice website then use the Highroller v2 SCRIPT)

4) Paste script to and click PLAY… It will run on AutoPilot

5) DO NOT BE GREEDY; Let’s say your deposit was $300 worth of Bitcoin, First day when you make it $500, stop playing for that day and withdraw your $200 profit, next day to the same, Third day withdraw less and grow your bank… BUT NEVER BE GREEDY. You cant be a millionaire in a day. So get your profit and go away for the day.

6) If you are a die-hard gambler, you will not be able to stop yourself, so better don’t start to do it.
Please do not forget that you are doing this for money, not for gambling pleasure.

7) After some profit gets the Highroller script again from Bustmaster and runs it with your profits.

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Its that easy, Withdrawals are very fast, and you will like it. Again and again, I say the same thing. Don’t be greedy, or system makes you lose, Everyday make your $500-1000 (according to your investment) and leave it. Don’t think you will be a millionaire in one day.

Good Luck and share your success story in the comment section, I will be delighted to see your success. so go ahead and make some money.


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