How To Make 80 Dollars Per Day Using Adult CPA Method

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How To Make 80 Dollars Per Day Using Adult CPA Method – Now, follow this method and I guarantee you will be able to earn over $10 online within the next 6 hours. And after that, your daily income will start growing and growing. I’m currently sitting at approx. $80 per day with this method and I set it up three weeks ago.


Welcome! And get ready to make some cash. Get that positive mindset going, Do you know many people making millions of dollars using adult CPA affiliates.

For a fact this is a niche that will never die, millions of people are browsing porn RIGHT NOW. What we’re going to promote in this e-book, is the famous cam site.
Chaturbate. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Chaturbate is one of the most leading free cam sites on the internet, and we’re going to be using it to make money.

They offer an affiliate account for earners (yourself, the reader of this e-book). Their main advantage of using them is that they pay $1 for free signup, now this is the important part without email verification. YES, you heard me right.

The possibilities are limitless using this advantage. Below, you will see the various step-by-step process on how to earn money and profit from this affiliate offers.


You have to create an affiliate account by clicking HERE. Signing up using the link provided will give you a bonus. If you already have an account, I suggest signing up again under the link (as you will earn 5% from my current referrals which means way more money for you). After all the more money, the better right?

Click on JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAM and fill up the form.


Now scroll to the bottom of the website and click “Affiliates.”

You will have to edit your payment info (put legit info) and choose your payout method etc.

Now you will be directed to a webpage.

Fill out the following payout information form later,

Let’s make some money!

Now kindly click on “linking codes” which is along the bar at the top as highlighted in the image below:


So now you’re on this page; Now you might be wondering why so many affiliate links and which one I should use?

Well, the answer is simple. There are three main categories, and we’ll be focusing on the first one because it is the one who pays us $1 per free registration.

In this category, there are numerous links as well, and it relies upon the group of audience you’re focusing on.

For instance, if you need to promote your links on gay visit chat rooms, you will utilise the “Random Room: Male”. I trust you get the idea.

Now you have to set up everything about the site, and you have your linking code. You could shorten it using your domain (best) or or


Believe it or not, chatrooms have always been gold mines. Never spam the chat rooms with your links. Private messages online chatter and send them the links after chatting with them for a bit.

Remember, for every member that joins you earn $1. You will try to convince the people you talk to register to see your webcam, and you will give them a private show or your phone number.


In the second signup method, we will be using sexting forums. So most importantly, you can enlist and register on these forums and upload a cool picture (use google).
At that point make posts referencing that you will send nudes and reorder them over across the forums.

Put a picture that has a PLAY catch on it (that resembles a video), and when they click on it the photo, they will be diverted to the affiliate site, and you win cash. Blast, how simple is that?



You can also go on other forums and Reddit for instance, have people add you on Kik Skype, Snapchat, etc. Tell them to come and watch your cam and tell them to sign up You can offer them free pics or videos if they sign up for you.


You can use your imagination to earn even more and make it autopilot, the last week or so I’ve been earning $70+ per day doing NOTHING!

HINT: Use Tumblr to earn even more. Reddit is also a good source of income. Be creative and It’ll pay off. Good luck with earning and don’t forget to vouch if you enjoyed this method.


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