How to unlock your phone if you have forgotten the pattern

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How-To-Unlock-Android-Phone-Pattern-Or-Password-LockThere are various ways to lock your phone aside from using a password. An innovative one that was developed for android phones is drawing patterns to unlock the device.

While this is convenient, repeatedly drawing the pattern can lead to problems because if the pattern is wrongly drawn more than three times, the phone will be locked. The concern for tech geeks is how do you unlock your phone?, Africa’s No1 hotel booking portal shares tips on what to do if you have forgotten your phone’s pattern.

Google account

Your phone is attached to a specific Gmail account. If you have exhausted the tries you can enter a particular pattern, you will be asked to type your Gmail username and password for your phone to be unlocked. After that, you can set another pattern or decide to shelve the idea of using it.

Screen lock bypass

As the name implies, this is an app that can help you unlock your phone while disregarding the pattern. You will need to log into Google play store on a desktop and enter your correct Gmail account to download the Screen Lock Bypass into your android phone. To bypass the pattern, connect a USB cord to your device, then you will be asked to remove lock-tap it and your phone will be unlocked.

Hard reset

The factory reset should be the last resort as this option will wipe out all your phone data. So if all of the above does not work, you need to do the hard reset. Before the reset, you can remove your SIM and scan disk but any phone data will be deleted.

First, shut down your phone, hold either the off- or home button, depending on your phone brand, together with the volume key for 30 secs. A menu will pop up, select factory reset and your phone will be restored to the factory setting.


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