InnJoo is up to something! It is without Limits

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Innjoo-2Innjoo is brewing up something and it is going to be massive! We heard from the grape vine that it would be so sleek; with curves of sky scrapper and edges that would shake the foundation of the Nigerian mobile landscape and leave all tech lovers drooling.There is a lot of speculation and theories that have been brought to the fore but there still remain a lot more questions than answers! As it stands, only the chief architects of this ingenious enigma, Jumia Nigeria and InnJoo know exactly what it is.

You would recall that InnJoo, recently took the power sector by storm with the launch of InnJoo Fireplus and Innjoo Halo. It was a revelation that mystified the entire Nigerian populace and totally annihilated low-battery problems common to all.

Speculations on social media and in social gatherings have already started gaining momentum as to what exactly InnJoo is up to. Even the Nigerian tech bloggers have decided to form a quorum to jointly dissect and unravel what is set the biggest innovation in the year 2015.

Where techies are gathered to discuss Innjoo, a phenomenon is about to be born and be rest assured the result would sweep off your feet.

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