The InnJoo Max 2 Full Unboxing And Review

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20151120_191638 copuThe innjoo max 2 was officially launched yesterday the 20th of November 2015 at the Protea Hotel Ikeja Lagos, Innjoo has been in Nigeria for just one year and six months, yet they are rising very fast to be among the top affordable android device in Nigeria.Thanks to Innjoo, We got a review copy of the Innjoo Max 2, Let’s get started on the review and unboxing:

Below are the full Specifications and features of the Innjoo Max 2

Screen: 5.0 –inch HD IPS display

Battery: 4000mAh large battery (Not removable)

Rapid fast charge technology

Camera: 8MP front with flash, 13MP rear camera with double flash

Processor: Powerful Quad core 1.3GHz performance

Memory/Storage: 1GB Ram, 16GB Rom with expandable 128GB memory card

Os: Android 5.1 lollipop Os

Sim: Dual sim cards

Let’s dive into the full review and unboxing:

The innjoo max 2 was packed in a portable handy box, below are accessories of the device


  • Micro Usb cord
  • Headphone
  • Charger head
  • A small metallic pin
  • Phone manual and warranty


 Checkout the unboxing pictures below:

20151120_191653 20151120_191745 20151120_191811 20151120_191834 20151120_191848

Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-11-22 Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-12-53 Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-12-47 Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-12-38



20151120_192227 20151120_194449

The innjoo max 2 has a 5.0 HD IPS display screen with full HD display and bright colours.


20151120_192144 20151120_192153 20151120_192200 20151120_191922

The max 2 has a seamless border design with a sleek feel and hold, the device is quite very handy, slim with stylish metallic design round the screen, it also looks and feel much matured unlike the previous innjoo devices. I love the way the device speakers were place, it has double speakers.




Am really impressed with innjoo for the awesome 8MP front camera with a flash, you can snap beautiful sefies with the 8MP front camera, Also record video with no stress of worrying about the environment, because you got a front camera flash. The max 2 has a 13MP rear camera with double flash, innjoo really got me wow. Which means more beautiful pictures, videos for you.



The max 2 has a 4000mAh large battery capacity that can last for days with recharge. The battery is not removable though, but it’s worth it. We Nigerians needs an android device with a long lasting battery life to last us for the whole day without charging. Also the innjoo max 2 has a quick rapid charge technology that actually quickly charges your device.


The innjoo max 2 has a Quad core processor of 1.3 GHz which enables the device loads fast and quick loading and fast processes of applications and operations on the device.



The max 2 has the latest android 5.1 lollipop Os which gives and awesome user environment and experience. It’s quite easy to operate and user friendly.


Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-13-36 Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-14-01

The innjoo max 2 has a 1GB RAM and a 16GB ROM with an expandable memory of 128GB memory. Only about 11GB is available for use on the device, the other 5GB is used for system files and storage.


20151120_192517 20151120_192624

The max 2 has a dual sim slot for two micro sim cards. Using the small metallic pin to slide out the sim slot at the top left side of the device.

The sim slot only has two slots . So if you use two sims on the phone you wont be able to insert a SD card because the sd card is placed in the first or second sim slot. So thats a disappointed for those people who want to use both sims and the sd card.


Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-15-10 Screenshot_2015-01-02-10-15-06

The innjoo max 2 came with some important pre – installed apps like, Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, and others. These apps are quite useful.

I am really impressed with innjoo for manufacturing awesome android devices for the Nigeria market with very affordable price tags and also pocket friendly. You can get the Innjoo max 2 on Jumia store on black Friday, which starts on the 27th November 2015. The innjoo max 2 official price tag is N21, 500.


The Innjoo Launch Event of Innjoo 2, Max 2 Series At Protea Hotel Ikeja Lagos



73 thoughts on “The InnJoo Max 2 Full Unboxing And Review”

  1. i like this device and also infinix zero 2, i havent seen anyone who has taking pictures with this phone. both are with 13mp rear, 8 and 5mp front respectively, which has more picture quality??

  2. The innjoo max 2 has 13MP back camera and 8MP front camera with flash, Pictures i took with the max 2 came out awesome and beautiful. The max 2 has better quality than the zero 2.

  3. Plz review in detail Camera result , display ,touch and software? I am in between infinix hot 2 , zero 2 and innjoo max2..waiting for quick reply

  4. The innjoo max 2 camera is better than the zero 2 and hot 2, They all run on android lollipop 5.1 OS. Also the max 2 has bigger battery 4000mah. Also device.

  5. There is this feature that comes with
    lollipop OS that allows you to create a
    Guest user account on your phone.
    This way you can share your phone
    with your friends but they will be login
    as a Guest so they wont be able to have access to everything on your
    phone except those functions you
    allocate to the Guest user. On the
    lollipop OS settings it is tagged User. So
    i would like to know if the Innjoo max
    2 lollipop OS did come with it.

  6. Bros pls how long does the battery last on heavy use? Can u pls tell me the performance of the battery in general…

  7. The innjoo max 2 has a 4000mah battery which to be honest takes me a whole day with heavy usuage like Bbm, Whatsapp, Snapchat, skyping, playing music and browsing all at the same time. and the battery takes me a whole day before dying.

  8. Hello bro. Thanks for the nice reviews, have honestly been looking for review of the Injoo, I recently ordered for the injoo Max plus, I hope I won’t be disappointed. Mayb you can clear this for me, about the Screen cover, we were told is drangontail glass screen, dooes that mean anti scratch resistant? Thanks!

  9. Thank you, your most welcome, The max 2 screen isnt dragontail glass screen, its just a regular screen. It the innjoo 2 screen device that has a dragontail screen.

  10. The memory card slot is in the sim 2 slot. The sim slot only has two slots . So if you use two sims on the phone you wont be able to insert a SD card because the sd card is placed in the second sim slot. So thats a disappointed for those people who want to use both sims and the sd card.

  11. Guy i have innjoo max 2 but in my own case my battery keeps dropping rapidly I don’t think it is a 4000mah battery bcos I used infinix hot note which its battery is also a 4000mah and there is a very clear difference between the two and when it comes to fast charging it is only when u are not using the phone but when u are using it when charging I didn’t experience any fast charging not like when I was using infinx.

  12. Mehn!!! does this phone really have a 4000mah battery capacity? got the phone from jumia yesterday and the battery drains really fast like crazy and i’m yet to insert a sim to start browsing or doing some battery consuming stuff like watching videos, playing music etc. i think there is something wrong with the phone driver cos i tried copying some mp4 videos from my laptop to the phone via a USB cable and it will seem as if it’s copying those videos to the phone whereas it is not really copying. I’m not really satisfy with this phone, should i place a call to jumia for a return or is there any alternative to all of these issues mentioned. I need your advise Mr. Larious

  13. You just got the device, it requires a full charge before you condemn the innjoo max 2. Buying a new device requires you fully charge up the device before jumping into conclusions. When you connect the device with your laptop did the phone driver install successfully? Am currently using the device and i got no problems or issues.

  14. I have been using the Injoo Max 2 for 3 months and I am impressed with the phone qualities but i am disappointed with the battery life span, it drains easily is there a way to fix this please? Thank you!

  15. The innjoo max 2 is really a cool device, am presently using the device and its working perfectly. For your battery to be draining very fast it has to do with some apps running on the background. The only way to reduce your battery from draining is to shut down or remove unused apps and kill background processes. Well, to me i enjoyed the battery life. The battery life of my innjoo max 2 is really doing well.

  16. The very first day I bought the fone I almost returned it cos the battery was draining too fast. but as time went on it began to stabilize. though the battery is not still as strong as I thought.
    But can u plz show me through pictures how to place the memory card in its slot? cos I have tried doing it severally yet the fone can’t read the memory card

  17. Comment:How many hours am i expected to charge the max 2 battery that is newly purchase( just bought it).

  18. I really need to transfer files from my laptop into the phone; but it keep freezing. what can I do?

  19. Have you tried using a different usb cable? Did you also tried using the bluetooth to transfer your files from your laptop to your device?

  20. if you want yo transfer files from your laptop to your fone and vice-versa… make sure the screen of your fone is on for the period of the transfer… if not, it will keep freezing.

  21. hello there an upgrade for android in innjoo max 2 cos i am dying to use android 6 iff possible bro…please help

  22. Comment: everyone keeps saying the battery drains fast!!on the comment sheet I wanna get this phone and I’m afraid I might regret it! Coz the screenshots of the home pages are not encouraging!

    Please @larious between infinix note pro and innjoo max2 plus.. Which one is better please I need advices! Before I make a bad decision of even the tecno camon c8 please larious.. Which is the best

  23. I make use of the innjoo max 2 since last year and my battery doesnt drain fast, Sometimes i wonder if its isnt the same max 2 am using, The infinix hot pro is better than the max 2 in terms of Ram and phone durability. The hot pro is faster and cool. The camon c8 is only good for pictures.

  24. How exactly should I place the memory card? I placed it in the second slot but it isn’t reading,is there a particular position?

  25. Comment: thanks bro! You’re the best.. But as for that infinix hot note ehn? (Kit kat) if you display recent apps, it’ll be on top of each other like blocks, but what if you upgrade it, will they be behing each other like arraged papers on lollipop? I’m talking about the infinix hot note.. Please answer

  26. The memory card can be placed in any sim slot, either sim 1 or 2, Placing the memory card show face up, the card under should be up and it should fit the well inside the sim slot.

  27. @spotted tigger! See ehn! I only know about sim2 .. So if what larious told you still dosent fit! Try placing the memory card by its side.. I mean place it horizontally with the head faing right I think!

  28. Comment:@larious what I meant was that in some phone when you hold the middle button to show minimised apps! When you try to scroll up, the apps are like arranged papers behind each other and that’s only for lollipop! Infinix hot note is a kitkat phone and when you hold the middle button the apps are placed over eath other like blocks not behind each other! So the question is.. If it is upgraded will it change to the lollipop style? If you still don’t get please drop your number for whatsapp lemme give mine.. Please I need an answer.. Whatsapp is for image illustration since I can’t post pics here

  29. Hi bro @ Lalious . Am using max2 plus and I purchased this phone last tray Dec 2015 and recently July. The phone is not charging when it turned on. But will charge when is off. What should I do?

  30. Have you tried using different chargers? This looks like a system fault or so, Its not common. Also try see a phone technician for help.

  31. Oga innjoo max 2 if fake, my battery 4000mah is like 1000mah and it get hot always, i do use 6hrs to charge it full the battery but 3hrs will finish and i just bought the phone day before yesterday

  32. Its a sad story sir, because the version of the innjoo max 2 i got works perfectly, the battery last for days. Am sure we aint using the same innjoo max 2.

  33. I just bought an injoo max 2 but it refused to browse, I configuered it manually but to no avail. Pls what can I do?

  34. I bought the Max 2 about 3 months ago. It started getting hot even when not in use. I sent it back to the company and they changed it. The phone getting hot has not eased much. Now the other problem is the battery. It drains so fast and is not taking charge. It does not also charge faster as is being claimed. I regret having purchased the phone. What can I do?

  35. Hi. Can you please tell me how to remove the round symbol in my notification bar for my innjoo max2 phone. I don’t know how it came on but Its is preventing me from hearing the phone ring as well as other notification sounds.Thanks

  36. Pls can someone help me out? I tried to move my msg icon frm folder to desktop and after doing this, I can’t see all the applications on the menu again

  37. Pls how do I slot my memory card in? I tried slotting it in with dad golden part up and also tried it the otherway but my phone isn’t indicating my memory card. Help pls

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