What you should know before Buying That UK Used Phone

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Most of us are only interested in acquiring a second-hand UK used phone due to the fact it’s quite affordable and pocket friendly, and we actually pay little or no interest to some important factors to be considered before purchasing a second-hand phone.

A very popular slogan which says “Prevention is better than Cure”, this shouldn’t be your case when you eventually purchased a second-hand phone and getting home, you discovered faults and issues you could have easily noted before acquiring the device.
Key factors to be considered before Buying a Second hand (UK used) Phone

  • It is very keen to take note of the reseller or the phone dealer, if he/she is a reputable and trusted dealer, also the environment in which the second-hand phone is sold.
  • NOTE: Do not purchase a second-hand phone in traffic or from just any random individual, this could result in buying a stolen phone, and eventually when the owner tracks and locate the device then you have a hug problem with the authorities. Remember that ignorance is no defense when being in receipt of stolen goods.  I actually know of a situation whereby a friend of mine purchased a phone from someone due to the fact the price was ridiculously cheap, few months later it was discovered the phone he purchased was stolen with other vital documents which the real owner was constantly tracking and eventually it became a police case.
  • How the Phone looks and what condition is it in? This is very critical, and it involves more than just a quick glance at the physical state of the bodywork and how it looks, but pay close attention inspecting the inside body structure like the panels and make sure it is clean and ok, also find out how the battery life is holding up, remove the battery and take a close look, also whether the body or screen is chipped or scratched. More importantly is the phone reconditioned or refurbished? In most cases dealers sells refurbished and reconditioned phones as second-hand (UK used) device where someone has repaired or added some components to bring it up to good working condition.
  • Always ask for a warranty and obtain a valid receipt, most resellers and dealers give 3 – 6 months of warranty in case any issues occurs before the expiry data you can always return the device.
  • How is the phone’s performance? Testing the phone performances is a key factor to be considered, remove the battery reboot the device, plug-in the device to power to test if its charging, test every functions and features and make calls and play music, videos, also insert your sim, select mobile networks, make sure the phone is unlock, browse, test for connectivity. These are all factors to be noted before eventually buying the device.
  • Look for original casing, phone packaging in this case is a good indicator to determine whether the device is not roughly handled and the body structure is in good state. This is quite important because some second-hand device original phone casing are changed due to the fact the old user roughly handled the device, but remember that handsets age in different ways.
  • Check the manufacturer and maker of the phone, this also very critical due to the high-rise of china phones that looks exactly like the original device and also performs the same functions and operations. One need to pay close attention to the type of device manufacturer so you don’t buy the china version.

Finally, if buying a secondhand phone it’s best to buy one that’s been tested and has passed through the above requirements, That way you know it’s going to be safe and worth the value for money.


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  2. Good article my brother. Can i have a contact number in compuetr village whom i can reach for an iphone please. Thank you in anticipation.

  3. Thanks, Really appreciate your comment. I would link you to a trusted dealer in computer village ikeja lagos, his venture name is Osams communications, his number is 08038940607, tell him from larious. All the best. NOTE: only call to buy please.

  4. thanks for the updates bro. its guides one. please how can you differentiate a phone meant for UK region from the one meant for U.S.A?

  5. I dont think you can know about that sir, because the term uk used phones means a fairly used phone from abroad, it could be from anywhere in the world.

  6. Thanks so much for this your kind information.

    Please how can I know the manufacturer, the manufacturing date and expiring date for Samsung (S3 and S4) and Blackberry (Q10) phones.

    Also, how do I know original Samsung and Blackberry phones.

    Thanks, please send the reply to my mail: henrygold1@yahoo.com

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  10. You dont expect the prices you see online should be exactly the same when actually buying. The prices stated here is for you to have any idea of the range. You can ask other phone dealers for their price.

  11. If your interested i would send you the dealer number so you can contact and once the transaction is agreed, your device is sent to you via courier services or you come purchase it at the office in computer village ikeja.

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