How To Make Over 300 Dollars Daily With Instagram Niche

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How To Make Over 300 Dollars Daily With Instagram Niche – I have grown my Instagram page from 0 to 17k followers in only two months and I earn approximately $100/300 a day by selling shoutouts and by posting affiliate links in my bio.

This is my method, and I want to share with you guys. ( This method is 100% working )


  • A brain
  • Automation tool (FREE TRIAL) (from $15/$99) ( You must use this Automation tool, or this method won’t work)
  • Some time to set up the account

1. Setting up your account

This is the most crucial step of all.
You need to choose a niche where you can start your Instagram account in. I would recommend one of these niches (These niches got me $100k in 3 years)

  • Dogs/Cats
  • Fishing
  • Business
  • Motivational quotes
  • Affiliate marketing

I would recommend starting a mixed niches account. This means that you mix two niches which are similar to each other like Fishing and Boats.

You also want to choose the right Instagram username. Don’t just select this randomly but take your time. ( Your username is the first thing people will notice!

2. Automation (MOST IMPORTANT!)

This step is by far the most important, and you will have to invest a small amount of money ( Usually $15/99 ).

I would recommend you to choose Social Captain. This is by far the best Instagram Automation tool. It’s easy to use, and it uses artificial Intelligence to grow your Instagram page organically and fast!

This tool got me 4000 active/real followers in only one month. Free trial:

3. How To Monetize Your Followers?

When you reach 1k followers, you can quickly sell shoutouts for $15/30 per shoutout. You can use this money to grow your account!

You can also signup for an Affiliate marketing network like ( Make sure that the things that you sell are in your niche) Happy Money!


Make Your Money

Why Instagram Niche

You may earn cash with Instagram and other social media platforms. There are lots of methods in which you might make money from your Instagram account.

You cannot earn money in case you don’t have some product On the reverse side, should you need to accomplish an incredible success in comparison to your product then something should be different which is unavailable in the business.

Then, it’s going to be challenging to make money on the site. People today want to earn more money. The more micro-niche products that you target, the more cash you’re likely to make from PPC. What’s more, it costs very little money to create and maintain a niche advertising site, or just a couple of them.

Niche marketing assesses higher odds of repeat or returns buyers than the majority of other advertising or marketing and advertising campaigns.

It is not just one of the most popular trends in today’s online marketplace, and it is necessarily one of the most crucial aspects of all profitable online businesses.

It can be and is a very reliable way to earn an income working on the internet! For many entrepreneurs, it can serve as an excellent avenue for companies looking for a different set of customers to help, one that might be able to provide better revenue.

It is a very profitable approach to take when looking to avoid heavy competition online. It consists of tracking down a relatively small area of interest and selling to that marketplace.

The secret to niche marketing can provide you with an opportunity to use the Internet in its entire power.

The previous thing I look for when attempting to discover a niche to profit from is to see whether the marketplace is easily accessible online.

Your chosen niche needs to be something which you love and enjoy, something that you could chat about and be or become an authority on.

Find The Right Niche

Choosing The Right Niche On Instagram

The very first step is to discover a suitable niche where there’s a hungry group of folks looking for information and products.

When you discover your niche, others are somewhat more prepared to follow along with it. You’ll most likely want to limit your niche even further or locate another niche to target.

Another reason you wish to concentrate on a single niche is due to advertising expenses. An excellent means of locating the ideal niche and keywords related to it is to log onto the Google keyword tool site.

Now after you locate your very own unique niche, you’ll then will need to develop and advertise your online business because we both understand that even with a nice niche you are going to want some fantastic traffic to follow up on that.

When you have identified your niche, you should find content for it. So it indeed is essential to spot your specialty.

You need to know that there are vast numbers of people in every niche that it is possible to imagine and that’s what’s so great about the web.

A winning niche is one which has a pressing problem that has to be solved. An evergreen niche is one which isn’t seasonal.

If your specialty isn’t in the popular selection, such as dieting and so on, then the price of the `pay per click’ can be much less as there is not as much competition.

The thing with niches is there are millions of them, and you need to choose only one! The very first thing which you should do is select your niche where you would like to be known.

Get focused, and you’ll find your organization niche or niches. After you have defined your small business niche, you will be able to promote your goods or services more effectively.

Locating a niche for your internet advertising business is the first in a string of essential measures to earn money on the web.

You will need to find people in your niche and reach out to them and request a shoutout.

The way I like to consider a niche is it will have relatively few possible customers in one town but, as a result of the net, the little customer base gets massive in the context of a niche market where we can offer products to people in every town around the planet.

It is a particular segment of the population where you intend to concentrate your efforts. If you locate the best niche, you’re all set to take the next step that is to find or make a perfect product to offer to that niche.

Therefore, if you’re now thinking about how to begin in discovering a micro niche to market there’re a few things you can do that is only going to cost you a bit of time and not a cent.

Most niches exist as a consequence of a common interest or hobby. Hunting down small on-line niches could end up being profitable especially to small businesses.


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