How To Make Money Using Konga Affiliate Program

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Konga Affiliate Program is a legit way to make real money from Konga right from the comfort of your home, you don’t need to stress yourself, all you need to do is simply sign up for the Konga affiliate program, wait to be approved, once approved, start promoting and advertising their products on various platforms, for example on a website, on social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, BBM, and other social media platform.

Just sit down and relax while your hard work makes money for you and smile at the bank every second Friday of the month. Georgia is home to Hollywood and startups that enjoy incentives to start an LLC in Georgia. is at 8th position in the Alexa ranking of top most visited website in Nigeria, which makes Konga the most visited website currently in Nigeria. The idea of Konga affiliate program is quite simple, All you need to do is to send a visitor to via a special link (called ‘affiliate link’) which is embedded inside your Konga affiliate link, once anyone buys anything from through your Konga affiliate link, you will get your commission. Your commission will be paid to the bank account provided during registration for the affiliate program.

How to Get Started

Simply sign up for the Konga affiliate program using the Signup form below:

Personal Information

Additional Information

 Website/blog type

Or Sign up through this link Here

NOTE: Carefully fill out the form providing accurate information where required. Provide your website/blog URL, but if you do not own a website or blog you can simply use one of your social media account like Facebook or Twitter handle and remember to specify your website/blog type. It’s quite easy to sign up. Also note when filling the payout method, make sure your bank details are correct if not you would have issues when it’s time to receive payments. Your commissions will be paid to you via “Bank Wire”, so ensure to correctly enter your payout information and accept the “Terms and Conditions” and click the “Signup” button to complete your sign up.

After successful sign up, you will receive an email from Konga congratulating you for joining the Konga Affiliate Program. Konga will manually review your application and approve or decline your application. They hardly decline applications, most applications are usually approved if you have a website/blog or a good social media influence that is if you using your social media profile as your web URL. Once your application is approved which only takes few hours or days, you will receive another email with your affiliate login details and login URL from your affiliate manager.

kongaNow you can login to your Konga affiliate dashboard and editing your Profile and your personal information. You can change the default password to something you can easily remember.

Creating Affiliate Links for Konga Products is where I think people find difficult. It’s very easy creating Konga affiliate links, I would be showing you step by step on how to create your Konga affiliate link to promote Konga products.


  • Once you’ve login to your Konga affiliate dashboard, click on “Banner and Links”.
  • konga affikonga affiliClick on campaign filter and choose any konga product you want to promote and advertise, select “Channel”, simply create a new channel for every link placement you want. In banners you can choose to get the link version with channel appended. The channel parameter will be transferred also to the tracked commission, so you will know exactly what link led to the commission. Now select a product category and click on “Apply” to show the banners and links for that particular category of product you choose.
  • Scroll down to see various banner sizes and designs, Select the banner size design you want and click on “Show banner code”, copy the code and paste it on your blog or website. If you are using WordPress platform for your blog or website, go to your widget menu and select a “Text” widget which is an HTML page that allows you place HTML codes inside that text widget and its displays the HTML contents on your blog or website.

konga affiliate3konga bannerYou can choose from all variety of Konga campaign products to promote and advertise. The commission percentage and payout rates allocated to each product category are different, here is the breakdown below:

  • You get 9% commission upon sale and delivery of order for Fashion products sold
  • You get 5% commission upon sale and delivery of order for Toys/Kids products sold
  • You get 3% commission upon sale and delivery of order for Home & Kitchen products sold
  • You get 3% commission upon sale and delivery of order for Electronics products sold

Depending on the category of products you promote, you can earn different percentages of commission. Fashion products earn 9% while Electronics and Home & Kitchen products both earn just 3%.

Always enable email notifications, because Konga will always notify you via email when anyone buys a product on through your affiliate link and the commission percentage earned from the sale of that particular product. You will be notified when status of the orders change from “Pending” to “Approved” and even wen declined. You only get paid when an order is “approved.

Konga Payout threshold is in 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k and 30k. Choose the 10k payout threshold for a start so you won’t have to miss payment even when you have made over 10k on your commission account. Konga affiliate payments are made on the second Friday of the new month after you have met your payout threshold. So if you chose 10k payment threshold and you made 10k commission for the month, you should be expecting your payment on the second Friday of the next month.

NOTE:  Always ensure whatever products you promote matches your website or blog niche if you choose to promote Konga products on your website or blog. For example, you can’t be a fashion blogger and be promoting electronic products. Always product a konga product that relates to your website and blog niche. Ensure to promote products that naturally match your site niche, that way you won’t provoke your audience. If you are a tech blogger you can conveniently integrate tech products promotion such as mobile phones, computers and other electronics with your blogging without making it obvious to your audience you are trying to sell them a product.

Finally, you’ve successfully become a Konga affiliate marketer, now it’s time to promote and advertise Konga products on your blog, website, social media platforms and emails. You can promote konga products via posts or banner/text ads on your Blog or Website and also on social media platforms, like postings konga banner ads on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, BBM other social media network. Also posting konga ads in forums, or can simply email the affiliate links to all your friends and people you know.

Hope this Article has Inspired someone to start making legit money in 2015, 2016. Share your view via commenting.


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  1. Whe I clicked on ‘Apply’ I keep geeting ‘No data or nothing matches your search’
    ‘Real list should look like this:’
    But there is nothing showing how real list is. Moreover, in “Channel’ what do I put inside? I left it blank before I clicked on ‘Apply’

  2. Per sale and confirmed payment of goods from the buyer before your commissions is given. and not per click. and payment is above N10k monthly, if you have not reached the 10k threshold konga wont pay you.

    • Glad your using the konga affiliate, You have to pick a particular banner category for the ads to show. But i also noticed some ads are not working, you have to contact the konga afffiliate manager.


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