Cheapest Data Plan In 2015 For All Devices

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overload dataA mobile device without a source of internet connectivity is categorized as a car without fuel or a human body without blood. The joy of using a mobile phone is the use of data bundle plan. As we all know in Nigeria, the cost of purchasing data bundle plans are quite very expensive for the average Nigerians, whereby, most network providers try to make their data bundle plans suitable for everyone in terms of being affordable. Major network providers like Mtn, Glo, Etisalat and Airtel has reviewed their data plan prices and data allocation bundle system to meet every Nigeria needs but yet it’s still quite expensive for most Nigerians to afford.

The Mtn night plan of 4.5GB for N2, 500 was actually very affordable but the fact it’s a night plan and once you’ve finished your 1.5GB for the day, you have to wait still 9pm very day to make use of the 3GB left makes it annoying. Presently the Glo overload triple data rocks, you get triple the data volume on any data plan above N2, 000.

Glo made a great comeback in terms of affordable data plans by introducing the Glo overload package that not only enables you get 200% on recharge made but also triple data when you purchase any data plan more than N2, 000. With Glo overload triple data you get:

N2, 000 for 2.5GB Data

N3, 000 for 4.5GB Data

N5, 000 for 12GB Data

N8, 000 for 24GB Data

N10, 000 for 33GB Data

N15, 000 for 51GB Data

N18, 000 for 63GB Data

All you Need To Know About The Glo Triple Data

You need to subscribe to Glo overload package to enable you enjoy the triple data promo, Dial *200# to opt in Glo overload.

Data Plan Price of Data Plan (=N=) Normal Data Volume Overload Data Volume(inclusive of Bonus) SMS to 127 USSD Code
My Phone 2,000 640MB 2.5GB 55 *127*55#
Always Macro 3,000 1.5GB 4.5GB 54 *127*54#
Always Min 5,000 4GB 12GB 11 *127*2#
Always Max 8,000 8GB 24GB 12 127*1#

N10, 000 for 33GB Data: Simply sms 15 to 127, or Dial *127*11#

N15, 000 for 51GB Data: Simple Sms 16 to 127, or Dial *127*12#

N18, 000 for 63GB Data

Below are screenshots of various Triple data plan :

tripple datatripple data1tripple data 2

  • What is the validity of the bonus given on purchased data plan?

The data bonus has one month (30 days) validity period.

  •  Can I use the bonus data for gifting?

No, it cannot be used for gifting.

  • Can I use the bonus data for sharing?

Yes, it can be shared.

  • Can my unused data bundle be carried forward to a new month at expiration of validity bundle?

Yes it can be carried forward by buying a new plan before the expiration of the current data plan

  •  Can the bonus data be carried forward to new months?

Yes it can be carried forward by buying a new plan before the expiration of the current data plan.

  • How do I know more about my subscribed plan in the Promo?

SMS Info to 127 or Dial *127*0#

  • How do I know more about the plan options I have in the Promo?

SMS Menu to 127

If your seeking for affordable data plan, Glo overload triple data is currently the cheapest with reasonable data bundle worth your money. I recommend Glo overload triple data for everyone.


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35 thoughts on “Cheapest Data Plan In 2015 For All Devices”

  1. Wow! Nice I wasn’t informed about this GLO data plans. The plans are affordable, Thank God. Android users now have an alternative part from MTN Night Plan and Airtel BIS.

    • Am glad the article was helpful. The Glo overload triple data is the best at the moment. Exactly, Most android users would greatly benefit from the Glo overload triple data. Thanks PaulAro!!!

    • To ADD people to share dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127.
      e.g. Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127.
      • To REMOVE people from sharing, dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# OR Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127
      e.g. Dial *127*02*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Remove 0805XXXXXXX to 127.
      • To LIST PEOPLE sharing your subscription, dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127

  2. Hi Larious, pls I really need your help. I used the code for the glo data sharing and it really showed that I’m now sharing data with the number but the data was not transferred. what next or what else should I do.
    thank you so much

  3. MTN cheap data
    1gb for #1400
    valid for one month.
    work on all phones and modems
    except old bb phones.
    if your interested call or whaysapp

  4. Is it advisable to make the ‘1k for 3GB’ GLO subscription on one’s BB10 device if one is making the subscription for the very first time? By the way, is it still functional?
    Your prompt response will be appreciated

  5. Tx for this info Larious. Pls i’v been trying to subscribe to the 3GB for 1k on my Q10 by sending Comonth to 777 but it isn’t successful. My credit gets debited and I get a message that I should remove my battery and insert. Still I don’t get any Internet access. Then I get a message after 24hrs that it wasn’t successful and my 1k refunded. Pls advice. Is there a particular settings to be done? So if I have credit on my phone, my data service cost is charge directly from my credit. I don’t want this.

    • Your most welcome sir, The Glo Bis 1k for 3GB officially works for any BB10 devices and there is no particular settings to be done. Once the 1k is deducted from your airtime and your phone has internet access, no other amount would be deducted from your airtime.


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