How To Prevent Your Android Device From Overheating

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Overheating seems like a reasonably common drawback with Android smartphones lately however not lots of people know what to do about it. It’s no rocket science why gadgets heat up, it’s primarily due to the best way it’s getting used or to be truthful, “overused” is the suitable phrase for it.

We could also be overusing our Android device knowingly, taking part in video games on it on a regular basis however it additionally occurs unknowingly. Aside from the truth that the device will get tough to hold, overheating additionally causes harm to the gadget itself. What is completely irritating is when your phone turns right into a heated cannon ball and you have no idea what you probably did to get it boiling like that.

Whereas we do agree that overheating is nothing new and occurs to the best of devices, we consider there are some issues you are able to do to prevent it from taking place and shield your device. You can begin by following these few easy methods and really feel the distinction for your self:

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Get A Durable Phone Case

Investing in a superb case on your phone must be the very first thing to do after you get a brand new Android smartphone. A very good case is necessary for your device’s bodily safety and in addition its temperature. As a substitute of buying a leather-based case or a cumbersome one, you should purchase a case which can be sure that your gadget will get the air it wants to stay cool. Leather-based tends to trap the heat inside and so do many different comparable materials. Put money into a very good high quality hard shell or rubber case, which can give your device a cooler look whereas holding it cool.

Install An Anti-malware App

You might not notice this but apps aren’t the one factor that use your gadget’s resources, viruses and malware do that as well. These notorious apps will keep consuming resources within the background and very similar to background apps, these too will prevent your device from taking a break. Such steady utilization of resources is certain to make the CPU as well as the battery scorching hot.

Reducing Running too many apps in the background

Let’s begin with one thing that will not come to your notice right away as a result of apps working within the background is one thing that majority of us are likely to ignore. With the large quantity of RAM in latest Android smartphones, apps run easily even when you’ve got a lot of active background apps. Nevertheless, these background apps & services take up CPU resources, thus placing a pressure and heating the hardware.

Effectively, if you wish to turn the heat down in your gadget you may wish to look into the variety of apps you’ve gotten working within the background and try to restrict this sooner or later. Simply be sure that to exit the apps after you might be done utilizing it and prohibit auto-start if your gadget allows such controls. You can also check the RAM utilized by apps in Settings->Memory.

Reduce Games And tilizing VR & Camera for lengthy durations

In case you use apps like WhatsApp or Fb Messenger and many others. repeatedly, your device won’t overheat, however taking part in games or utilizing the digital camera will. Add Virtual Reality to that record and you’ve got the trio that’s capable of boiling your gadget.

Games are not like other apps, they’re intensive on the resources and put extra stress in your CPU, in addition to the battery. The identical goes for the camera, as keeping it active to capture lengthy duration videos or time lapse videos requires further energy from each the CPU and battery, leading to your device heating up. VR is the most recent addition to the things that take a toll in your device. Utilizing your gadget with a VR gear might sound cool, however doing it over lengthy durations of time will trigger some severe heating, so try to reduce on that as well

Mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS utilization

It’s no secret that services like Bluetooth, mobile data and GPS take a drain in your gadget’s battery. However what people don’t pay attention to is, how and why this occurs. These services drain out your battery quick as a result of they require quite a lot of power to work.

If the battery is being overused, it has to offer the device with extra power to maintain these wi-fi services and doing that repeatedly for a good period of time undeniably shoots its temperature up. Utilizing Google Maps and different comparable applications too heats up gadget, because it requires the GPS and the display screen to stay active for lengthy duration. Along with these services, WiFi too tends to make use of up battery but in comparison with mobile data, it’s a lot more power efficient.

Charge Your Device Properly

Charging properly, two words that you should by no means get out of your consciousness. In order for you your gadget to remain cool and in addition keep its battery life, you must be sure that to charge it properly. This entails a couple of basic things, that if adopted will make sure to considerably lower your device’s heating issues.

  • Use only the right charger and charging cable that is supplied with your device, utilizing different chargers will have an effect on your battery.
  • Don’t use your phone while it’s charging. This must be an absolute rule, as it’s unhealthy to your device and also for you.
  • Don’t keep the phone covered while charging. Don’t suffocate it.

Watch Your  Device Brightness Display

This should be fairly obvious, the higher the brightness of your device the extra power it’s going to require and the warmer the gadget is going to get. You need to maintain the brightness of your device all the way down to a suitable degree and you can be surprised with the difference. Display brightness doesn’t increase the temperature to a paramount stage but it does elevate the normal temperature, so your device won’t ever be cool to start with.

Install an app to monitor and cool down your device’s temperature

With overheating being such a common challenge with most Android users, the Play Store is stuffed with apps that monitor and control the gadget’s temperature. These apps monitor your gadget’s temperature in actual time and have one tap options to chill down a device. We recommend utilizing the CPU Cooler app, which retains a examine on the apps which are overusing your CPU and heating it up. This app additionally features a one tap feature capable of closing all such resource-consuming apps to permit the gadget to chill down.


1) Avoid keeping the device under direct sunlight, as this may progressively increase its temperature.

2) Avoid using or charging the device after it has been involved with water, even when your device comes with waterproof capabilities.


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