Tecno mobile, fast rising android phone which has taken the android market with cheap  and affordable androids. which offers the same services as other android phones. Tecno mobile is a popular brand in the android market today.

This article focuses on sharing their various prices in the market.

Note: The latest prices would be updated every week. our price list are up to date regularly. Below are their prices.

  • Tecno T340

    Tecno T348


    Tecno T410


    Tecno T430


    Tecno T463


    Tecno T483


    Tecno T525


    Tecno T733


    Tecno T420


    Tecno T347


    Tecno T470


    Tecno TV52


    Tecno T462


    Tecno T535



    Tecno T501
    Tecno T511
    Tecno T605
    Tecno T609
    Tecno T611
    Tecno T722
  • Tecno D9
  • TECNO F5
  • TECNO F6
    TECNO H3
  • TECNO H6
  • Tecno H7
  • Tecno L3
  • Tecno L5


  • Tecno L6
  • TECNO L7
  • TECNO M5
  • Tecno M6
  • Tecno P6
  • Tecno Boom J8

  • Tecno Y2


  • Tecno Y3

  • Tecno Y4
  • Tecno Y5


  • TECNO Phantom PAD Ⅱ (G9)

    Tecno S9


    TECNO R5
  • TECNO R7
  • Tecno S3


    Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini
Tecno Y6


Tecno 7C Pro



Tecno Droipad 7 


Tecno 8H Droipad



Tecno Phantom Z (A7) 


Tecno J5


Tecno C5


Tecno Camon C8


Tecno WINPAD 10


Tecno Phantom 5 



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  1. You can kindly check my post using Mtn bis on various third party apps like simple server, tunnel guru, droidvpn, openvpn connect. I just hope you didn’t come late!! Thank you!!

    • Presently the New Tecno phantom z is N59,000 based on slot pricelist. Slot doesn’t have an outlet in jos, so i advice you get it from any trusted phone dealer in jos. Note: i do not sell phones, only share latest prices and advice. Thank you!!

  2. Hello, pls my mother want a Techno phone for mothering Sunday. Big, Bold,affordable, 25000-29000. dt she can use as a phone and Tab. Between Techno F6, H6, P6,P7, M5, N7, which is a beeter option.

  3. Please it’s there any tecno phone that is of 3sim card and also a touch screen.lf yes what is the name of the mode and how much.thank’s

  4. I av a tablet tecno phone but d battery is bad and i was told dat d battery is not here dat I had come for phone swap plz is it real to swap my phone and get anoda….

    • Am sure when you search the market well you would be able to get a battery replacement. Tecno devices accessories are common. And about the phone swap, i don’t sell or swap phones. only share prices and advises.But i believe no one would want to swap a phone without a battery.

  5. I did not c techno x9 and d price bcos is d phone I want to buy.so pls I will like u to tell me d price.tnx

    • The Tecno H6 is indeed a great device with a 1.3ghz quad processor which makes the speed fast and also has a 1gb Ram which is quite ok. Sure it plays games well alright. Thanks

    • All the devices you mentioned are great awesome devices. I can’t pick or choose for you sir. Deep inside you, you know what you really want.

  6. pls am having problem with tecno H7, the Whatsapp and Facebook used to hang and the phone is slow, what can I do?.

    • So sorry about that, kindly uninstall apps unnecessary apps and try and clear some application you dont need. restart your device and see the changes. or you can flash your phone. this might be viruses at work.

  7. pls what phone is equivalent to tecno phantom a3 or even higher than it for tecno phones and how much is it?

  8. Hello larious…the prices updated hia are current prices of brand new tecno phones or are used prices lyk uk use blah blah.?pls I nid a reply urgently

  9. Plz…i wana buy tecno Y6 i dont no if is de broswer fast and de camera i hop it snaps very well..thanks..pls reply..

  10. Your Comment *pls sir. what is d current price of tecno phantom Z A7 and what is d latest tecno phone dat higher than Phantom Z.

  11. Your Comment *Thanks Mr larious May God bless u. so I will not buy it here in Liberia. because yesterday I price it they told me last price is 280 dollars if u convert it t9 naira which is #56,000.

  12. Wat is d different between tecno Y6 and L6 H6, in Abuja i wnt out to buy tecno H6 they told me H6 is 21K and Y6 is 18K.

  13. How much is techno y2 because am going to computer village tomorrow to get it,someone told me it 10500k but am not too sure of it please.

    • I bought a telephone TECNO Y6 but it is not useful to me according to it MAC address which change when I switch off it and it doesn’t read some sim cards. What is the problem?

  14. Please Larious…..i want to buy the Tecno T722 phone……Where do I get it at the price you gave above?

    • Both devices have amazing battery life with up to 4 days without charging, Its really hard to choose between these great devices, But prices matters the m5 mini is more expensive than the l8 plus, but i feel the decision is yours to make. Both devices are really good, just pick one.

  15. Good Morning Larious i need new latest Tecno phone with 5G or 4G AND GOLD COLOR kindly tell me the price and name ;

  16. Pls my tecno m6 touch pad is not working again and is now affecting the screen, how much will it cost me if I want repair it OR should i go for swap? Advice needed

  17. Comment: pls I’d like to know the prices of uk used tecno camon phones. It is really urgent pls, I have searched everywhere on the internet

  18. Good day sir! i just want to confirm if tecno j7 will still be available, because i went to slot yesterday and i could not find it

  19. Could someone recommend me Tecno L5, it is cheap and it is main plus for me, with my budget. I want buy this phone here – https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones/tecno-l5
    i really like it. Tecno doesn’t impressed me, but now i’m trying to buy cheap phones for my children. If you are owner of Tecno L5 or another model of Tecno could you recomend me it or not? Some advises will be great.


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