Productive Remote Work Tips To Keep You Motivated

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Telecommuting has gained more traction over the past few years, and that is for a good reason. It gives you the ability to work from the comfort of your home while being close to your family. It also helps you become more productive while saving lots of money and time in commuting. However, not having direct accountability daily can diminish your motivation. If this is the case, use these strategies to get yourself back on track. And if you’re not yet telecommuting, visit the Search Remotely website to find remote jobs.

Wake Up Early

If you don’t have to be at the office at a particular time, it may not be easy to wake up early. However, early rising is an excellent habit that you should adopt. Studies show that most successful people share this common habit. Getting up early gives you an edge during the day. It also keeps your mind fresh and gives you time to acclimate to your business so you don’t feel pressured from the start. You will have the time to exercise, run errands, and even respond to your emails so you will be focused without being distracted by any other obligations when it is time to work.

Use a Timer

If you’re finding it difficult to get a project completed, set a timer, then get to work. Take half an hour to engage your task, then take a break. Work on arduous tasks first. You can pull off a lot for 30 minutes. Usually, when you finish the most demanding projects, you find that you have more energy to continue with the rest of the work, and this will help you be more productive than you expected and build up your motivation.

Dress Up

Studies show that dressing for success helps you achieve success. This is one way of giving your work-from-home ethic a personality. Avoid heading to your workstation in pajamas after rolling off your bed because the pajamas give you a slack effect that you will project throughout your day.

Start by taking a shower, looking fresh, and wearing something comfortable and functional; it doesn’t need to be a suit. You’ll easily project the character of your dressing.

Establish a Reward System

Set up rewards for yourself when looking forward to something. This can be anything as long as you savor what you’re getting. For instance, you might allow yourself to watch an episode of a great TV show or eat a piece of candy as a break from your work after achieving a particular threshold.

Protect Your Workspace

Talk to your roommates, family members, and loved ones about your work hours while telecommuting and set the ground rules during these hours. Things such as a FedEx delivery while on a crucial phone call will interrupt you. So be proactive and minimize these kinds of interruptions as much as possible.

Review Your Work

Make a habit of reviewing your work to help you realistically judge its quality and the speed at which you got it done. Some crucial factors in building your motivation include holding yourself accountable and your desire to produce high-quality work while telecommuting. Reviewing your accomplishment every week will give you a sense of triumph for your achievements. It will also help you notice how you can improve. And how you feel about your accomplishments will help strengthen your work ethic and keep your work on track.

It is crucial to understand that motivation hardly remains constant. It builds up and fades, so use these strategies to build your motivation and streamline your telecommuting.


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