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If you have not heard about Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege or any of the other Rainbow Six games, then you must have been living under the rock. Rainbow Six Siege is the latest installment in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, and it has been an instant hit since its release.

One of the best tactical gaming franchises, Rainbow Six has produced some of the most downloaded games in the last two decades, and Rainbow Six Siege is just one example in that category.

But while it is one of the best games one could enjoy, it does not mean that it is an easy game. In fact, if you are a beginner, it is highly likely that your first few experiences would not be that great, with you being knocked out in the first few minutes and all. But this does not have to be a common occurrence, as by following the points in this blog, you will see a massive improvement in your gameplay.

Without further ado, here are some Rainbow Six Siege hacks, tips, tricks, and strategies that will tremendously improve your gameplay.

  • Listen closely

Rainbow Six Siege is one of those games where movement plays a vital role in the gameplay. Folks behind the development of Rainbow Six Siege have invested a lot of their time to make the movement of the characters in the game resemble as close to humanly as possible. And with movements, there comes the sound, which you can take advantage of in Rainbow Six Siege. By using a special sound propagation system, Rainbow Six Siege provides a realistic sound scenario to its gamers, which adds to its charm and realistic appeal.

One might have to invest in buying a better headset, but they can easily make use of them to identify the location of the enemy combatants.

  • Memorize the maps to the best of your abilities

It is a bit of sound advice and not just for Rainbow Six Siege but for any online tactical shooter game. Knowledge is always better than not knowing, and what better thing one could spend their time than learning the very maps they would be competing into. There are only a limited number of maps that are available for one to play through, so it is not a strenuous task, and it has several benefits in store.

First, being aware of the map would enable one to make a quick getaway when they are under attack and cannot defend themselves. But in Rainbow Six Siege, there are additional benefits to just that as there are certain areas on the map that can only be accessed by specific operators.

  • Cover is good, but it won’t make you infallible.

Taking cover is a common strategy applied by many Rainbow Six Siege gamers, and there is a good reason for that. It has been proven that it is an effective strategy to protect the players from an attack while at the same time they can pick out the enemy combatants from behind the safety of the cover. But it does not mean there are not any drawbacks to this strategy. The enemy team can easily flank the defenders and take them out.

So, the tip you should follow here is don’t stick in position to take cover and keep a lookout to your sides as it will most likely be where you will be hit from.

  • Drones are your best friend in Rainbow Six Siege.

If you are playing as an operator that can make use of drones, then you should fully optimize them immediately, especially if you are the one attacking the opponent team. It would be best if you position your drone in an advantageous position and on the path that you want to take when attacking. Similarly, you could also have a decoy because it is highly likely your opponent would search from your drones, and this way, you could easily fool your opponents.

  • Play in the right squad

Team synergy is hugely crucial for one to succeed in Rainbow Six Siege, and to achieve that, you have to play in a squad that plays to your strength and covers your weaknesses. That is why it is crucial that one with the right squad if you want to improve your gameplay and win your matches.

Now it may seem like an impossible task to find the right teammates, but it actually is not. You can easily improve your synergy with your teammates by playing as many games as possible with the same members. 

  • Utilize operator combinations

It is one of the most underrated strategies in Rainbow Six Siege, which could turn the tide of the battle in a single moment. There are many utilize operator combinations in Rainbow Six Siege like Mute and Mozzie or Thatcher and Thermite. It would be an intelligent thing to do if you have gamers in your squad that play with such operators.


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