Royal era: Real Madrid’s most expensive transfers under Florentino Perez

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The figure of Florentino Perez is very significant for Real Madrid. He is one of those presidents who personally control everything that happens in the club and beyond. It seems like Florentino has been running them for ages. In fact, Perez has been heading the Blancos since 2009. This, by the way, is his second presidency.

The first term of a functionary lasted from 2000 to 2006. The second lasts to this day, that is, for 12 years. One of the main goals of Florentino has always been to ensure that the best footballers in the world play at Real Madrid. To achieve this goal, the functionary still spares neither time, nor effort, nor money. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo (2009; $110,5 million)

Ronaldo’s transfer is one of the most successful for Real Madrid in the Perez era. Cristiano was not only a scoring machine in Madrid but also a brand that brought additional millions to the “royal club”. In the capital of Spain, the Portuguese showed performance miracles. It happened that he scored 40, 46, and even 48 goals per season only in La Liga.

After nine years of successful joint history, the paths of the club and the footballer went their separate ways. In the summer of 2018, Ronaldo moved to Juventus, and Real never found a worthy replacement for their striker. Both Cristiano and Blancos are not doing well after parting. Rumor has it that the parties can reunite for at least 1 season, but so far this remains at the level of rumors.

Gareth Bale (2013; $118 million)

Bale was the first player for whom Real Madrid paid so much. In principle, Gareth’s transfer paid off. In recent years, the situation for the Welshman in the “royal club” only worsened, and the footballer himself was haunted by injuries and conflicts with Zidane. But in the past, Bale has been a great help to Real Madrid, scoring 16 and 19 goals per season when he was in good condition.

Gareth has distinguished himself in important matches, including the Champions League finals. The Welshman is now restarting his career at Tottenham or at least trying to do so. It turns out with varying degrees of success, but Bale still has experience and class. These components will help a football player to spend several more years at a high level if he himself wants to.

Eden Hazard (2019; $135 million)

Hazard is the most expensive transfer in Real Madrid history and perhaps the most disastrous. After joining the Royal Club, the Belgian played only 36 matches in all tournaments in 1.5 years, having scored 4 goals and 7 assists. Barely returning to the field, the winger ends up in the infirmary for weeks or even months. Zidane supports his ward as best he can, but so far little depends on him. The specialist, like all Blancos fans, hopes that the world will still see the former Azar. Not only Real Madrid will benefit from this, but the whole of football.


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