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Currently, the popularity of PDF files is on the rise as they provide a variety of features beneficial for both individuals and corporations. Like everything on the internet, PDF documents also require optimization. Thus, in this article, we have prepared a set of tips for a proper SEO. These techniques can lead to massive exposure and therefore traffic for your website.


Ensure that the software you use is keeping the text in a regular format for search engines to recognize and index it.

A formattable text is considered the one that could be selected with your mouse, copied and pasted somewhere else. If that isn’t possible, then you might want to recreate your document.

Use text editors like Pages, Microsoft Word and Adobe Pagemaker, to make your paper a text-based product that can be indexed. Check in case you need a software that works on both computers and mobile devices

Optimize the text

Similar to the optimization for all articles, PDF documents must include proper keywords. The text should be optimized similarly to the regular HTML web page.

If you implement your keywords wisely, your PDF document could reach a higher rank in the results for the used keywords. This would increase the traffic tremendously, and it can bring lots of financial incentives to your website.

Add an optimized call-to-action phrases to make people click on the links and go to your sites.

Document’s Title

The title is one of the most important aspects of your reports and in most cases, it must include an optimized call-to-action. If you manage to optimize both the title and the content below correctly, you will make people click throughout the PDF file and open a variety of sites you’ve added as hyperlinks.

To index the file easier, you must add a few links from your website, preferably ones that are higher in the rankings currently. The fact is that you should implement the very same methods you are already using within your SEO to index a PDF quickly. Also, ensure that you have backlinks from authoritative pages to rank higher.

Other Useful Tips

Place a link to your website or give your email somewhere on the bottom so people can contact you if they are delighted with the content they’ve read. There are specific search engines that accept PDFs, and they serve as a great backlink.

Put the PDF in the root directory, because of it is somewhere deep, it might not be crawled at all. Ensure that you’ve defined the metadata properties from the settings, which includes subject, keywords, title, and author.

Optimize the images implemented in the file by adding text captions beneath them. When saving the document, add keywords and remember to separate them by using hyphens. Also, larger documents aren’t preferred by the major search engines, so you might want to consider splitting them up.


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