The right way to use digital signage to boost your branding efforts

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The benefits of using digital signages for businesses are many.  From very big Corporations to small businesses, all kinds of businesses have found the digital communication tools very useful to improve business performance and earn more revenue. However, the most crucial contribution of digital signages is in branding which forms the foundation on which you can build the marketing superstructure.

Unless you can establish your brand that represents your business and products, no amount of marketing efforts would be useful in revenue generation. Once the brand becomes easily recognizable and the customer accepts it well, the task of marketing becomes quite easy. Therefore, focusing on building brands with the help of digital signage should be the primary goal of any business.

The business hierarchy

 Regardless of the size of business, unless it is a one-man show, there is a distinct hierarchy of needs visible in any business organization.  The hierarchy of needs in business is highly dependent on digital marketing as digital media is the most user-friendly platform for keeping in close touch with customers. Brand equity figures high in the pyramid of a business hierarchy and is second to the valuation of a business that holds the position at the apex of the pyramid.  The other elements of hierarchy come below brand equity, and it will be therefore a necessity for businesses to build brands and create brand equity by using digital signages to their advantage. In this article, we will highlight how your branding effort acquires the value that translates into brand equity by using digital signages.

Drive more traffic to the website

The high-quality graphical displays of digital signages easily grab eyeballs and provide an excellent opportunity to improve business. By using high-quality images, text, and videos in the content of the signages, you create the most critical first impression for your brand. Any marketer knows how important the first impression is for building a brand and then adding value to it that constitutes brand equity. Besides creating captivating content for signages, you can insert the link to your website in the content so that traffic flow to the site increases.

Enhance the brand image

How well you carry out the digital marketing campaign, of which digital signages is a part, determines the value of the brand or brand equity.  The use of digital signage can significantly impact the brand image. The more you display the brand by using digital signage menu boards, more recognizable it becomes as customers can quickly relate the brand to the business. High visibility is critical for popularizing brands, and digital signages are ideal for bringing brands right in front of customers. Placement of digital signages at strategic places thus becomes vital to ensure high visibility. Create a distinct identity of the brand by using specific color schemes and logo so that customers get familiar with it and recognize the brand quickly. It paves the way for creating awareness about the brand.  Increased brand awareness leads to more sales and the contribution of digital signages become very evident.

Promote the brand

 No matter how much value the brand acquires and how easily it becomes recognizable, the returns from it will not happen automatically. You have to promote the brand to enable it to earn revenue, which is the ultimate goal of business.  Using the digital display boards for advertising is an easy way to promote the brand, influence the behavior of customers and drive them to make purchases. Create content that speaks volumes about the brand and what value it can convey to customers. The messages of the display boards should tell customers how they could benefit by relying on the brand.

Whenever you launch any new products, you can bring it to the notice of customers by publicizing itaggressively on digital signage displays. Use of images and videos increases the effectiveness of the signages that creates closer engagement of the audience with the brand.

Create closer engagement with the brand

 Having created awareness about the brand, you can use digital signages for bringing customers closer to the brand through improved customer engagement.  For improving sales, you have to couple customer engagement with brand equity, which is the top priorities when creating any digital marketing strategy.  By making digital signages interactive so that it becomes possible to hear the voice of customers and gauge their feelings, it is possible to enhance customer engagement. Being able to interact with businesses, customers gain more confidence in the brand that they feel closer to their hearts.

The beauty of digital signages is that it creates direct engagement with customers and you can take to a higher level by integrating the social media so that you can display your social media newsfeed to encourage customers to follow your pages on the social media.

 About the author: John Mathew is into advertising and online marketing with rich experience in using digital signage menu boards. He is a fan of digital signages that he uses extensively for his marketing projects that have reaped rich rewards.


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