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The internet is filled with some excellent videos of drones in flight which is both fun and amazing. The use of drones is steadily changing in various areas of our daily life with use in construction and racing.

There is a huge difference between a racing drone and any other drone you will find on the market. The inclusion of the first-person view (FPV) camera on a racing drone is the most significant difference between these drones.

This drone allows the connection of a video goggle to the racing drone through radio. The goggles provide an FPV perspective to the drone pilots by video streaming in real-time. While controlling the flight direction of the drone, the pilots get to experience the flight from the perspective of the drone.

The sensation and adrenaline rush is what makes it a fun sport.  One great hobby which is rapidly gaining popularity is drone racing. There are also various leagues and clubs where people are able to compete for glory. Computer game fans, aspiring pilots, and the drone flying hobbyists are some of the few people who enjoy drone racing and the adrenaline rush it provides. There are lots of drones available on the market and this list is a selection of a few affordable racing drones. Take a look at our drones reviews below to learn more.

Hubsan FPV X4 H107D

Taking part in drone racing requires a lot of experience and skill. The only way to gain experience is to practice. As a beginner, there are a few affordable drones which are excellent training drones. The Hubsan X4 H107D FPV quadcopter fits the bill of a small and affordable. Another excellent feature of the drone is that is doesn’t require any assembly. As soon as you open the box, you can begin your journey towards becoming an expert FPV drone racer.

The drone features a 6-axis flight control system which makes it very stable during flight both outdoors and indoors. This system is excellent to have why learning how to fly a drone. Your initial learning curve will feature a lot of bumps into trees and walls. To offer protection, the drone features blade guards and a frame which is very durable. On the front of the drone, an FPV camera is mounted.

This drone doesn’t give users the opportunity to watch using goggles. The transmitters screen is used for this purpose. If you want the real feeling of FPV racing, then this will not meet your expectations. The only positive aspect is that you still get to raise your head to look at the drone as it moves. While you adapt to the controls of the drone, this can be helpful.

The Hubsan X4 H107D might not be considered a “serious” racing drone. However, it is going to minimize both cost and danger as you explore the FPV racing world.

Arris FPV250 250 Racer

If you are in search of a drone which is available at a reasonable price with great racing features, then the Arris FPV250 250 Racer is the right option. It comes with the 700TVL camera which features a no latency/zero delay in addition to speeds of 20 mph and durability. When flying in tight spots, the drone offers excellent maneuverability and ease of control. Its features make it an easy pick for drone racing in close-quarters.

The drone assures its users of strength and durability with its composite fiberglass frame. Standard connectors on the drone make modifications quite easy.

Before the drone is ready for flight, users will need to set up a few aspects. The propellers need to be assembled while other accessories like a camera and remote are not available out of the box. This model is compatible with most FPV drone goggle options on the market. Once the assembly of various parts and external components is complete, this affordable drone model offers excellent speeds for drone racing.

Blade FPV Nano QX quadcopter

Another excellent racing drone on our list is the Blade FPV Nano QX quadcopter. Although in comparison to other racing quads which come at a higher price, you should know that the maneuverability and speed of this quadcopter are lower. Regardless, if you are a training racer, there are lots of features which make this drone a great choice.

This model comes with the Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope (SAFE) technology, an innovation by Blade. The inclusion of this technology provides support with take-off, prevents crashes, and flight. As the drone drops out of the sky, it generates a lower amount of speed due to its lightweight. The propellers of the drone have adequate protection from damage using prop guards which are built-in.


After going through the article, we trust that you have a clear idea on some of the excellent features to look out for when searching for the right racing drone. There is always the option of building a racing drone from scratch.

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