Unique Way To Make Money From Home – 500 Dollars Monthly

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Unique Way To Make Money From Home – 500 Dollars Monthly – Hey guys, am here to share a method where you can earn decent money while just idling. Please don’t expect that you will be making thousands of dollars a day.

Before you start you’ll start, you will need the following things on check, so has to successfully carry out the process involved.

  • An android emulator (ex. Bluestacks or Nox) with multiple emulator support
  • A few minutes to set up this method

Please read carefully! The reason I say this is because it sounds like every other method, but it is not. I have a very unique way to make cool legit cash online following this my method below.

1. Open your emulator, download this app and register the main account:

Fitplay: App recommendations for free + rewards for you!

No more endless searching for apps! Fitplay recommends game apps that match your preferences – at no charge. If you try them, you’ll get small rewards on top. Strategy games, brain teasers or action gaming, we recommend game apps that really suit you!

Fitplay is simple, free of charge and tailored to your taste. You will find the right games for you for free – without lengthy searches in the Play Store!

Download Fitplay now for free, get custom app recommendations and exchange your collected points (mCoins) for great rewards!

You can collect mCoins with each game app from our app recommendations. Then you can exchange these mCoins for great rewards (e.g. PayPal credit or gift cards for Amazon, or Google Playstore)!

How does collecting mCoins in Fitplay work?

It’s easy:
1. Download one of our recommended game apps for free and give it a try.
2. For each app recommendation you try out you will get mCoins. The longer you actively use an app, the more mCoins you will get!
3. Exchange the mCoins you have collected for your favourite rewards.

With Fitplay, you will get app recommendations based on your interests and on apps that you have already installed. Of course all apps that we recommend are FREE OF CHARGE!

Sign up for Fitplay, collect your first mCoins and grab your reward! With our app recommendations you will not only discover exciting game apps, by trying out these free apps you will also get great rewards.

Your friends also want great rewards? Invite them with our invite code and earn bonus mCoins. Start right away and get rewards for discovering and trying complimentary games and apps.

Great app recommendations – 100 % free of charge und tailored to your taste
Have fun and simplify your daily routine by using the apps
Exchange your collected mCoins for great rewards

It’s an app where you get paid for playing games per minute. Usually, I would never do this sh#t because you don’t earn much.

But in this case, I thought why not just running it on an emulator with multiple accounts?

2. Download a game, Idle it and go to “invite friends.” Get your URL from there.

You get the URL if you click on “invite” and then “copy to clipboard.”

3. Now you can create another emulator box and create another account over your referral link.

Just do a few accounts which are registered through your main account ref, and you’ll earn some good money!

So I’ve done this for three months now and earned about $1400 with ten accounts with an idle about 1 hour a day.


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