What Can a Fitness Tracker do?

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An activity tracker, also known as a fitness tracker, is a wearable device that lets you monitor and manage fitness-related metrics that include sleep cycles, calories burnt, steps taken, heartbeat, and more. You can consider it a wearable computer that helps you understand and manage your fitness goals. 

There is simply not a lot of time with city folks that they start with a prim and proper fitness regime and reach their activity goals on a daily basis. Once you set metrics to it and make a tangible approach towards getting in shape, or fit, a fitness tracker is a device that will help you with it. 

There are a lot of things fitness trackers can measure. Location, heartbeat, calorie intakes, steps taken and so much more. You can do a lot to improve your fitness and reach the goals you set for yourself. This is where a fitness tracker can come of help. Not only does it tell you about the metrics of your physical self, but also gives you an idea of what you need to change. This feature might be available in more pricy fitness bands, but some devices, like the KoreTrak can provide you with plenty of features without paying too much for it. Read Koretrak fitness band review for more details. 

Now, you need to know the true potential of a fitness tracker. Having said that, you can find a tonne of uses for your own device. Not only can they be used to measure movement and how much food you ate, but also includes features that go beyond that. A good fitness tracker can even predict conditions and illnesses you might fall into by checking your heartbeat. 

Fitness trackers are great at maintaining data it gathers on a daily basis. You can use this data to your own benefit, the fitness tracker will have all the records sent to the smartphone you have paired with it.

1. Location

Just like GPS on your phone, your fitness tracker can also tell how much your walked, ran, or cycled. This is particularly useful if you go out on frequent hikes or jogs. With the GPS results, your fitness tracker can give you meticulous details you can alter by your own accord. 

2. Heart rate

Fitness trackers have the ability to track your heart rate. This however uses different and a more inaccurate technique to record your heart rate and cannot be compared to one taken by a medical professional. However, this is still useful if you are an avid sportsperson or exercise in the outdoors regularly. Some devices claim to predict issues with your health by monitoring your heart rate as well.

3. Calorie logging and calorie burning 

Fitness trackers can easily check how many calories you took and how many your burned in a given period. This is especially useful since you can use this data to maintain a record of how much food you eat and how much you burn. This way you can change your eating or exercising habit to make the most of your energy intake.

4. Blood pressure

The latest fitness trackers now come with the ability to monitor blood pressure. These recordings might not be as accurate as you might see in a professional environment but can still provide you with proper readings and can be used towards a proper, positive purpose.

5. Body composition

If you want to monitor the changes in your body fat over time, you simply have to invest in a fitness tracker that lets you monitor body composition. Not all devices do so, therefore you might need to be a little more observant. This data can even provide motivation for people lacking it.

6. Multiple exercises on one gadget 

There are set activities that your device can help monitor for you. Say you are into swimming; you can ask your device to see how much activity you got during your swimming hours. Your fitness tracker can be set to examine a particular activity with ease. This allows you to set an ultimate workout for the one, or few activities you deem better for you.

7. Sleep

Sleep is vital for your well-being and productivity during the day. If you want to monitor sleep cycles and see when you sleep the best, a fitness tracker can give you the ability to do just that.


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