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A private proxy is a proxy that’s dedicated to only one user. This means that only the user can access this proxy, making it an excellent tool for maintaining security. A proxy acts as an intermediary between the online information you want to browse and you. Proxies change your IP address, enabling you to hide various elements such as your location and more. 

In the case of a private proxy, it will change these settings for you only and enable high privacy in various online activities that you will conduct.

This article will help you understand better how private proxies work and the different types of proxies available. So let’s get started.

How Do They Work?

A private proxy works by intercepting various requests that come from remote users. It will act as a gateway through which a person can access the internet. Therefore, it will only allow the authorized user and fail to give way to any other external user who wants to access the information.

The proxy server checks the validity of the information presented to it and passes the authorized request to the internal server. Private proxies use usernames and password authentication to allow access. When users need to access anything on a website, they will be required to provide login details.

Various Types of Proxies 

Private proxies are further divided into different types depending on the needs that they serve. They are grouped into private dedicated proxies, private residential proxies, and mobile IP proxies.

1. Private Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter servers maintain this private proxy, which consists of various IP addresses. It is capable of masking your private IP and provides anonymity to the internet. The datacenter proxies’ IPs are cheaper than other types, and they only require permission from the data centers to operate. 

The dedicated proxies are very stable and can offer fast internet connections. However, the IP can be blocked by strict sites, such as ticket sites, or bigger websites that have the capacity of sensing the data center server and deny it access.

Private dedicated proxies are ideal for businesses because of the anonymity they offer. Other users can’t use the private IP address that’s exclusively assigned to your business. Aside from that, it will also give fast feedback from the internet because there is no sharing of bandwidth. You also enjoy the benefit of web caching, which is promoted by data compression technology.

2. Private Residential Proxies

Private residential proxies are assigned to residential homes and managed by internet service providers (ISPs). When a user tries to access a website using these proxies, the website will understand that the request is coming from a residence. There is a special residential IP given to a particular residence, so information such as approximate location will vary from one home to another.

The best thing about residential proxies is that they can’t be blocked easily due to homes’ legitimacy. Unless they have spam issues, they can rarely be banned. However, these proxies are expensive because of the difficulty of obtaining them.

Unless you really need to use a residential proxy, it is expensive to have one. It is, however, ideal for data harvesters, especially for marketing agencies or corporations, as these organizations need a fast collection of data from their competitors and audience.

3. Private Mobile IP Proxies

Private mobile proxies are designed to be used in mobile phones. The best thing about these proxies is that they are always changing; thus, it is difficult to track them. They are very expensive, possibly because of the features that make it difficult to track them.

Mobile proxies are great tools for accessing internet information at high speeds. The anonymity benefit also allows users to access a wide variety of information, especially from restricted sites. Besides, private mobile proxies eliminate the need for using cookies while browsing. Therefore, you can be assured of unwarranted data tracking, and your device will operate at a higher speed.

Private mobile proxies also come in handy while conducting online shopping since your IP address is secured.

If you want to take a closer look at these types, read an article by Oxylabs on private IP and dedicated proxies.


Data security is a point of concern to an individual or company. You don’t want your personal information exposed to external users. Privacy and the ease of accessing online information are holy grails concerning the use of private proxies.

The most beneficial private proxy should have the capacity to give you security from other users and anonymity when you access websites. While proxy providers charge high prices for their proxies, it is crucial to consider the valuable benefits they can offer. After all, private proxies are essential elements that you should consider when securing your online activities. 


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