Why Your PS4 DualShock Controller Flashes White, Blue, Red, and Orange

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PlayStation 4 controllers flash different colors on the back for different reasons – from indicating errors or connectivity problems, to marking different players during a multiplayer game. White flashing on the controller could signal Bluetooth or USB connection failure or low battery, while flashing blue can indicate Bluetooth connection failure or software and hardware issues. A red flashing light may point to a more serious issue with hardware, such as faulty cables or a battery issue, and orange flashing signifies the controller is in rest mode charging. Understanding what the lights mean can help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

During the time you’ve played your Playstation 4, you’ve likely noticed a variety of colors flashing on the back of your Dualshock 4 controller. Some of them may show up more often than others, but sometimes it’s not exactly clear what these lights are trying to indicate, especially if they pop up out of nowhere.

These lights can range from indicating errors with your PS4, problems connecting, needing a charge, marking different players, etc. Sometimes, games themselves will change your controller light bar to different colors simply as an effect for the game.

For example, if you’re using a flashlight in-game, the developers may have set the controller to turn white in this instance. However, if you’re not playing a game or you can’t find another reason for your controller color, below you’ll find all the possible reasons for each one.

What a White Flashing Controller Means

If you’re noticing your controller flashing white, there are a couple things that this could mean, but neither are extremely serious. White flashing on your controller could mean:

  • Bluetooth or USB connection has failed. You will want to try resetting either or both your controller and the PS4. You’ll also want to check any wires you may be using to connect your controller to your PS4.
  • The controller battery is low. If a white light is flashing, you may need to plug in your controller and charge it. You may also see a low-battery indication on your screen if this is the case. To charge your controller, you’ll need to plug a USB cable from the back of your controller to your PS4.
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Both of these issues are typically easy to fix if something else isn’t to blame, such as a software or hardware issue.

What a Blue Flashing Controller Means

Blue is the most common color you’ll see on the light bar when using your PS4 controller. It will be a solid blue color when it is successfully connected to your PS4 after pressing the PS button. However, if you’re noticing a flashing blue light instead of a solid one, it could be for one of these reasons:

  • Bluetooth connection failed. This is similar to the issue with a white flashing light, and you’ll want to follow a similar route to fix it. Try connecting via USB, restarting your controller, or restarting the console.
  • Software or hardware issues. These will have to do with issues that cause the controller to be unable to connect to the console. This could mean your PS4 won’t turn on, or that the charging cables or USB ports on the console or controller aren’t working properly. To fix this, check all cables and ports, then try resetting your PS4.
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A blue flashing light could indicate a variety of issues with connectivity, so go through least-invasive troubleshooting techniques to try and fix this first.

What a Red Flashing Controller Means

If your controller is flashing red, this could indicate a more serious issue with your controller’s hardware. It could mean:

  • A port, cable, or battery issue is occurring. Typically a red light flash occurs when you’re trying to charge a controller, but a hardware issue is preventing it. To fix this, you could try resetting your PS4 controller. You can find the reset button near the L2 button on the back of the controller. You could also replace the cable or battery you’re using. You can tell the battery is malfunctioning if your controller continues to work when plugged into the PS4.
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If you replace the cable or battery and the controller continues to be unable to charge, you’ll likely need to replace the controller itself. Further, you can also purchase a dock charging station to prevent damage to the port and remove the need for a cable.

What an Orange Flashing Controller Means

When an orange light flash is occurring, it means that your controller is currently charging and in rest mode. This will happen when you plug your controller in via USB and it’s low on battery charge, and you aren’t using the controller actively.

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This is a good indication to have. If you don’t see it when your controller is low on battery and plugged in, that means that your controller isn’t properly charging while in rest mode. This could be due to port or cable issues.

Tips for Flashing Colors on Your PS4 Controller

If you notice any of the above colors while playing a game, it may not actually be indicating an issue. Typically flashing lights to signal problems or other reasons will only occur outside of playing a game. When different light colors are popping up while in a game, it’s more likely that the game developers programmed the light to come on for certain actions or sequences. For example, if you use a certain move in a game, it could cause a blue light to flash. If you’re low on health, it could cause a red light.

Another reason that different colors show up on a controller is when you’re playing a multiplayer game and have more than one controller paired with your PS4. Each different color light signifies a different player. The first player will be blue, second will be red, third is green, and fourth is pink.

Know Why Your PS4 Controller is Flashing These Lights

Having these flashing lights occur without knowing their meaning can be a bit worrying at first. However, understanding what they are indicating can help you fix any issue that may be happening with your PS4 or your controller. This can keep your console running smoothly for a long time to come.

What issues have you had with flashing lights on your PS4 controller? Tell us in the comments.

In conclusion, the different flashing colors on a PS4 controller can indicate various issues or actions. A white flash could mean a Bluetooth or USB connection failure, or low battery. A flashing blue light could indicate connectivity issues or software/hardware problems. A red flashing light could mean a port, cable, or battery issue. An orange flashing light shows that the controller is charging while in rest mode. However, when playing a game, flashing lights may only signify game effects or different players. Knowing the meaning behind these flashing lights can help troubleshoot any problems and keep the PS4 running smoothly.


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