3 Ways To Take Screenshot On PC

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We all have faced a situation where capturing a screenshot on pc could be a great solution to tackle out the problem. Be it tech-related support, bragging about high scores, or showing the status of your current screen. Capturing screenshots is technical and evidence to support your conversation. Taking stills of your screen will be a few keystrokes away as you follow this article. Here you’ll get familiar with the in-depth article on “How to Take ScreenShot on PC”.

As Microsoft Windows is an adorable darling of many professionals and non-tech guys, this post deals with capturing screenshots on Windows PC. Windows comes loaded with many utilities and features which let you cope up with many problems. Luckily there are two features for capturing and saving screenshots. They may be known to everyone.

Here we have summoned up three distinctive ways to take a screenshot on PC without dropping a sweat. Use inbuilt utilities, or install software to get the job done. Choose the way that suits you better and capture screen for a tech-savvy talk or as an attachment for email.

Did you know? Upgrading From Windows 8 and 8.1 To Windows 10 is absolutely free.

How To Take ScreenShot On Windows PC

All methods are listed below, tap on a link to directly jump to the topic of your interest or keep reading for a complete and thorough detail.

Screenshot On PC Using Keystrokes

Windows provide keyboard shortcuts for saving different variation of on-going windows events. Whether you’d like to take an entire screen or an active window, windows provide inbuilt combinations of keystrokes to get this work done.

  • Press PrntScr for capturing the entire screen. This saves all activity going on screen to the clipboard. There will be no indication about the screenshot has been taken or not. The capture screen will be saved in png format at your clipboard.
  • Press Alt + PrntScr for taking the screenshot of active windows. Image format will be the same as mentioned in the former case.

As now you have taken a screenshot, it’s time to open the paint utility of Microsoft windows. The paint is known for so long is the best way one can play with normal level image editing and graphics. Open Paint and make a tap on Ctrl+V, i.e Paste. Now edit screenshot according to need.  One can play with Image size, cropping, and Image format. Save screenshot to use it stand-alone image.

For Windows 8 and 1o users, Windows + PrntScr saves an entire screen capture to screenshot folder. This shortcut is handy when you require whole information displayed on the screen.

 Screenshot On PC With Snipping Tool

The snipping tool is another feature of windows to take screenshots on PC. Though it’s not very common and came to my notice earlier this week. The preloaded feature comes with Windows 8 and later versions (don’t know about earlier ones).

Getting started is very easy. Just search for a snipping tool on the starting menu and roger that. Tool provides four options to work with. These are well suited for different requirements : –

  • Free-form snip
  • Rectangular snip
  • Window snip
  • Full-Screen snip
  • Rectangular Snip

As soon a click is made on screen, the screen is captured with respect to the form selected. One can swap between different windows using Ctrl + Tab. Save image according to a format you would want to.

Screenshot On PC With Software

Apart from the above-mentioned features, windows also support some delighted software for taking screenshots on PC. It gives you more flexibility and control over each and every shot you take. Below are some trusted and verified software for getting high-quality screenshots on PC.

1. Lightshot  

A much popular screenshot capture tool available for Windows and MAC. With a bunch of awesome features, one can capture screen and edit images with an included editor. Cloud feature let you store screenshot on the server and enable social sharing right from your desktop. You can download the desired version from the given below link.

   Get Lightshot

2. Screen Recorder

Another creation of Icecream Apps, it handles capturing screen very well. One can save one going motion movie or a still picture. The premium feature comes with paid one but basics could be met with free one too. Size is about 56 MB and supports windows 7, 8, 10 and vista.

   Download Recorder

3. PicPick

Another free screenshot tool for windows. A full-featured tool designed for capturing and editing images. Once opened, one can select the screen portion for capturing. The captured image could be edited like cropping, applying filter or uploading to the cloud. Cloud feature is amazing as it makes sharing on social circle possible.

Download Picpick

Well much is said and shared about taking Screenshot on PC. Now it’s your turn to get the ball rolling. As mentioned above, choose free pre-loaded utilities or get a software to get the work going. In a case of any help needed, do comment us via the comment form. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.


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