3 ways to update your apps on Android

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Applications are usually updated by developers at regular intervals. By doing this, they give you the option of downloading the current versions if you want to fully enjoy their services. However, to perform this action, you need to be connected to either a Wi-Fi or data network.

If you are connected to Wi-Fi, it is easier to update the apps. As for a mobile data subscription, the update is excellent but requires more data to download the update.

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Google Play Store

Any android application can be found on the Google play store and it comes with every android device. If you don’t have the play store which is very rare, you can search for the Google Play store on your browser.


Switching on the auto-update setting means that your Android gadget can automatically upgrade to newer versions of the app; anytime and anywhere.

However, if you are concerned about the data implications of the auto-update, you can set your phone to update only when connected to Wi-Fi. This will cut cost but limit access to recent models of the app. Mobile operators, majority of whom are based in Lagos will not hesitate to wipe your data off.

Find the apps you would like to be updated

The apps that you want to update will be indicated on the google play store. Whether you are using Wi-Fi or data, click on update and this will be done instantly. You can update as many apps as possible but it is advisable to update only with Wi-Fi.


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